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The Game’s Afoot – Sherlock Holmes Solves Shoreline’s Mystery

The Game's Afoot - Sherlock Holmes Solves Shoreline's Mystery

November 21, 2016

Shoreline theater department's winter production The Game's Afoot poised to start Dec. 2. Photo by Martin Musialczyk By Madeline Kimberly Bring out your detective gear and help solve a murder with Shoreline’s Sherlock Holmes in The Game’s Afoot. Set in the early 1900s, The Game’s Afoot is a ter...

Playlist for Processing this Election

November 21, 2016

By The Ebbtide Staff Some songs seem to perfectly sum up how we feel in the wake of the election. Consider the following selections for your post-election playlist: “Shit Luck” by Modest Mouse - This song is fast and chaotic. It only has a few lyrics, and they are all about things being destro...

…And Hilarity Ensues: SCC Student, Kara O’Connor, is an award winning sketch comic

...And Hilarity Ensues: SCC Student, Kara O'Connor, is an award winning sketch comic

November 8, 2016

Top left to right: Caitie Auld, Molly Tellers. Bottom: SCC student, Kara O'Connor Photo Courtesy of Amanda Smith at By Coral Nafziger I never expected to see the blond woman from my graphic design class swaying languidly in a pink leotard and a mushroom cap for a hat. But that h...

The Inktober Initiative

October 24, 2016

By Madeline Kimberly To people who draw or have always wanted to draw, Inktober’s the challenge to tackle this October. You don’t have to be an artist to participate in Inktober, having a pen and a paper is all you need. Inktober is a 31-day challenge. It has an official prompt list for each da...

SCC fights for the freedom to pee with Urinetown

SCC fights for the freedom to pee with Urinetown

October 8, 2016

Front left to right: Norah Peters, Gabe Ponce, Noah Bruckshen, and Aviona Rodriguez-Brown. Back left to right: Dima Pogrebniak, Danny Bracy, Jay Villenhaur, and Joshua Pulley. Photo by Martin Musialczyk By Madeline Kimberly As human beings with a working urinary system, we tend to pee a lot. We di...

Batik Art Empowers Women

Batik Art Empowers Women

October 8, 2016

Forever Young, Nicholas Sironka Photo by Martin Musialczyk By Madeline Kimberly Women are generally seen as weak, fragile and materialistic beings. Nicholas Sironka, a Maasai from Kenya, provides a different perspective to what women are actually like. He’s an artist and he uses his art to speak...

Revisiting the world’s best-selling funk album

Revisiting the world's best-selling funk album

May 24, 2016

Caption: Jay Kay of Jamiroquai gets down in their music video for "Virtual Insanity" By Gregor Elgee Remember the 90’s? When everyone knew the moves to the Macarena? When the Box and MTV had an MTV2 superbaby? When more people knew the lyrics to the “Fresh Prince” theme song than their own natio...

Charles Bradley’s third album more than just soul “revival”

April 26, 2016

Album art courtesy of Daptone Records By Gregor Elgee You’d be surprised how many rainy days are left in April. Whether you need something to make yourself feel ten feet tall and ready to seek retribution on that former lover of yours, or you’re just looking for something to help you flounder ...

Is the first generation Pokemon re-release worth the money?

April 26, 2016

By David Rollins On the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, Nintendo re-released Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow and there was a lot of speculation about how much the games would be changed.  Updated graphics, an improved sound track, and many other ideas were thrown around but ultimately, there was very lit...

An exaltation of Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly”

The album cover of Kendrick Lamar's

April 25, 2016

By Gregor Elgee He’s not the guy looking one or two years down the road. He’s looking down the road of his entire career, saying “I want to be compared to MLK when this is over.” He’s doing big things. Big, beautiful things that transcend the world of Hip Hop. Kendrick Lamar: Top ten, dead or...

Six dark and Wild Tales to inflame your vengeful imagination

Photo courtesy of El Deseo

April 25, 2016

Photo courtesy of El Deseo By Randy Hatfield A maniac cuts you off on the freeway. An ignorant ape howls slurs at you because you look different. There are no signs forbidding you to park there, but you still got a ticket. We’ve all experienced injustices like these, but we rarely act on them for fear of the r...

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