Better roster, an more experience: a look at the new Phins’ season

Photo by Aaron Meliza
Caption: Catcher Cheyanne Garcia takes a big swing.

By Calvin Li and Aaron Meliza

This is the second year since the softball program was brought back to SCC and here, Phin Nation, is where you can find out what they have in store this season.
After only winning a quarter of their game, Head Coach Ben Reindel said the team roster has more depth this season as they expand the roster to 14 from 12 last year. He’s confident in the talent this year’s roster has to offer.
“All we’re doing is just trying to get them into situation where they can succeed and play confidently,” he said. “And if they do that, then they will reach their full potential and we will see all that talent.”
As for the goal this season, Coach Reindel said the big theme is to just keep competing and getting better.
“We are still kind of building,” he said. “So the goal really is not win or loss number, the goal is to just do our best. And if that means we (win half of our games), then that’s our goal.”
Coach Reindel said the team didn’t have a great season last year, since the roster was entirely new as it was the first year that the program was brought back. He said one of his focuses for the team this season is to keep improving their fresh players, and with the experience they gained last year, Coach Reindel said fans can expect improvement from the team.

The next Phins game is at 12 p.m. on Saturday, April 9, where the phins will travel to Edmonds to take on the Edmonds Tritons in a regional doubleheader. The next day, the Phins will host the Everett Trojans at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. for another regional doubleheader.
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