Students Seek Counsel at the Career Center

On-campus services match students to possible careers


Cheryl Amelia, A&E Editor

Deciding what you will do for the rest of your life can be quite overwhelming. The whole process of finding what career you want, what pathways you should take and the most demanding of all is how you can promote yourself with zero experience to score the job of your dreams.

Such a journey is a eutopia. The reality of getting a job does not have a set of predetermined levels like within a video game. Many fresh undergraduates need to go through more levels as it is a rarity to get the job of your dreams after your first interview. For most people, they go into college without having a clue of what they want to do in life.

That is where SCC’s Career Center comes into play. The Career Center is located in the 9000 PUB building, in Room 9203. The room is made of windows, a transparent interior that acts as an invitation for students who pass by. Students would enter, discuss and leave with a much clearer path for their future.

Although career support for students has been dotted throughout different departments of the campus, this newly established room is an upgrade to career support. It is a centralized domain for students who are looking to take beginner steps to discover a brand new career as well as those who are looking to upgrade their career roles.

Students can make an appointment via email to discuss a certain career dilemma. Career dilemmas can be anything from building a brand-new CV or resume to requesting a practice interview for an upcoming job or internship. More services are provided within the Career Center like PathwayU. The Career Center’s manager, Meghan Tucker, explains its service as an aid that, “identifies, consolidates interests and the things that you value. Then it figures out what parts of it overlays with different jobs to see what careers fit best for you.”

It is extraordinary how students can still come and drop by for aid despite the challenges that are thrown up by the unfortunate ransomware attack. Students are guided with more platforms like PathwayU and then be directed further to navigators or other specific supports within the campus, depending on which career the student is aiming for.

“I feel welcomed in there, Meghan Tucker helped me with my applications,” said SCC student Siripongsuk Woodard, who visited the Career Center in the spring quarter’s “soft start” week.

“I hope the Career Center can bring awareness to students of the career opportunities and career workshops that other organizations around the community have been doing,” said Tucker. She has high hopes for the Career Center. The current drop-in topics can vary from tips to build a better profile in job hiring platforms, to discovering from scratch how you could forge a path to your dream job.

There have been plans to create some sort of online workshop to spread information and guidance conducted by the Career Center but trying to understand how to deliver these workshops in the current conditions might be a bit of a challenge.

The great news is that the Career Center is surely still up and around for students to do drop ins with Tucker, but be sure to send an email ahead of time. for drop-in appointments and information about job opportunities that may exist from alumnus who are willing to share.
Attach a resume to discuss or make edits upon, write down your dream job’s description to navigate through or have interview practices. The Career Center will be available during the spring quarter of 2023, with more enthusiasm than the cherry blossoms of the season.