Trump Wins, What Now? : The Disaster of President Elect

By Ilona Kinnear

The aftereffects of Donald Trump winning the election are scary. The satire piece in the last issue of the newspaper made light of a lot of issues that will seriously hurt people.

Trump has not only brought to light the racism, sexism and phobias some thought were long gone, but also incited them to a level where many people now fear for their lives.

A Trump presidency will not only create a negative role model for many people, but it will also have lasting effects on our economy and our standing among foreign nations.

We all remember the sketchy endorsements Trump received throughout his campaign, ranging from white supremacists to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un himself. It is hard to believe that even after he didn’t denounce such supporters, some people didn’t question his sense of morality, or sanity in this case.

Next, we have to call to question his ability to manage the country on an economic level. According to CNN, Trump’s plan would boost the economy temporarily due to his tax cuts, mainly for higher-income individuals, but would reduce revenue to the government by $7 trillion dollars over the next decade, even accounting for the economic growth.

Furthermore, we have to look into how he will handle foreign politics. It seems Trump’s main strategy will be comparable to bullying countries into coming to terms with his wishes. For instance, according to the Council of Foreign Relations, in order to get Mexico to comply with the wall, he will withhold billions in remittance payments, hiking fees, and possibly cancel visas issued to Mexicans.

Trump also looks to drastically expand the military. Also according to the Council of Foreign Relations this includes, “increasing the number of active Army soldiers (from 490,000 to 540,000), growing the number of Marine Corps battalions (from 23 to 36), building up the Navy (from roughly 270 ships to 350), and expanding the number of Air Force fighter aircraft (from roughly 1,100 to 1,200).”

This is made out to look like Trump is preparing for war, which seems entirely unnecessary and will further put us into debt. Though this is not surprising considering he wants to keep and use nuclear weapons, as well as increase the number of countries that have them.

Looking within the country, according to the Council of Foreign Relations, Trump has “also called for the deportation of the more than eleven million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.”

In order to go through with this mass deportation, Trump will “triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, require businesses nationwide to use E-Verify to determine the work eligibility of their employees, deport criminal non-citizens, cut federal support to so-called sanctuary cities (which includes Seattle), and restrict legal immigration, particularly the flow of guest workers.”

This doesn’t just apply to Mexican immigrants. Trump wants to tighten the screening of visa applicants. He has also said that, if elected, he would not only prevent Syrian refugees from coming to the United States, but he would deport those already in the country.

Overall, it seems like we will just have to be on our toes until the Trump presidency is over and hope that it ends in four years. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that a Trump presidency is not normal and try to survive it while keeping our sense of morality.