[Insert Clickbait-ey Title Here] : Tricky Ways the Internet Tries to Trap You

We live in a day and age where we spend a lot, if not most, of our time on the internet. And on the internet, we spend a lot of our time scrolling through our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. are all colluding to make you buy stuff. They track your searches, your spending habits, what you like and share and on and on. Every little thing they could possibly have on you, they know.

Whenever I go through Facebook and Twitter, I see all my friends’ posts, and sprinkled in between all the things people liked and shared are ads that automatically start playing as I scroll through, catching my attention and causing me to scroll back up thinking I missed a friend’s video.

But no, it was an ad. But wait, that thing looks interesting! Ooh look, it’s on sale! Maybe I should get it… or maybe not, I mean, I don’t really need it. Oh no! The sale ends in five minutes! And a limited supply available? And free bonuses and MORE discounts if I buy RIGHT NOW!

And before I know it I’ve just bought some useless crap that isn’t going to do shit for me.

True story, brah.

I’m a real sucker for ads like these, and you know why? Because all the ads are personally catered to me, and recording my purchases is only the beginning. These people are advertising geniuses, manipulating the feeble wills of unknowing victims.

“You like one thing, well how about this other thing that is sorta similar, but not?” says the ad. “You like art, here are these really cool watercolor markers that’ll do some amazing things! Looking for Christmas presents? How about knockoff fidget cubes that are low quality, but marked half off of double the price?”

And then there’s the marketing ploys. Once they get you to click or tap on their ads, they pull you in with SALE!, DISCOUNT, LIMITED SUPPLY, GET YOURS [EXPLETIVE] NOOOOOOW!

But these are all lies. Everything that’s on sale is just slashing down an overpriced item. Jump on Amazon or Ebay or the actual product’s site and you’ll find that item again, only not overpriced.

So yeah, don’t fall for this dumb shit like me. Be smart and if you find something you really like off an ad, don’t get it from that site. Be money-wise and look for it around the internet first. You’d be surprised at how cheap you can actually find stuff, or find something even better than what you originally found.

Also, reviews are your friends. Look for people who have actually used the thing they got for a while and beware of bots. You and your wallet will be thankful you did.

-Ilona Kinnear