The forgotten music club

By Randy Hatfield

Shoreline only has three free, extracurricular music groups: acoustic guitar and ukulele clubs are easily found on the Student Leadership Center (SLC) list of active clubs, but what about the third?

With a name one could easily mistake for a fraternity organization, “Phi Mu Sigma” isn’t even the current name of the club– it was changed to “psycho music club,” a name which raised red flags in student government.

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) Officer Winston Lee felt that the use of “psycho” could be offensive to mentally-ill students.

“I am really willing to have the conversation and work things out,” Lee said. “But the name will have to be changed.”

Cognac Lan, a member of the club who is in charge of activities said that the name was chosen to reflect the state of mind some students get into when they play music.

“We think of ‘psycho’ in a good way – we’re crazy about music,” Lan said.

“If they asked us to change (the name) then I think we would change it,” said club secretary Nicole Zhang. “But we still haven’t decided on a name to change it to.”

The idea behind the club is to supplement Music 100 and create a space for students to mix different styles, skill levels and instruments.

“It’s a club we (made) so everybody can learn music… all different kinds of music,” Zhang said. While there is no formal list of allowed instruments, the club offers support that caters to the typical rock band line-up: guitar, bass, drum set and keyboard.