The Bus Rapid Transit Project: What You Need to Know


Photo: Sound Transit

The Bus Rapid Transit will include 13 stops and three stations with parking areas.

Estlin Coates, Staff writer

Do you ride the bus?

Sound Transit is adjusting the original plans for their Bus Rapid Transit project. This may include the proposed Stride 522, which will link Shoreline to Bothell in 2024.

According to Sound Transit’s website, the new BRT will be a “fast, frequent and reliable bus service connecting to light rail.”

The Stride 522 section of the BRT will be about eight miles long, connecting the two cities with an expected travel time of 22 minutes. The line will include 13 stops and three stations with parking areas. Buses will run every 10 minutes.

Rising costs, however, have made it difficult for Sound Transit to complete projects while sticking to their original construction schedules. In response to this, they created a platform for the community to weigh in on the most beneficial solution.

Those interested can fill out the realignment survey before April 30.

Updated on May 17: The realignment survey closed on April 30 but the results will be shared on May 27 at the Sound Transit Board’s meeting. A virtual link to that meeting can be found here.