TechEXPO coming to SCC late April

By Aaron Berry & Lydia Tam

A giant paper-mâché volcano and a 3-D printer are just two projects of several that will be showcased at the TechExpo, a new event that will highlight science and tech projects by SCC students and programs.

The event is organized by Tam Nguyen, the Associated Student Government (ASG) Technological Affairs Officer.  

This will be Shoreline’s first TechEXPO, according to Nguyen. He hopes to expand it and give STEM students a chance to show their work to professionals, similar to the VCT portfolio show. “In the future, we can invite universities and tech companies to join us,” he said.

According to Nguyen, the theme of the TechEXPO is Star Wars. He has been planning it since last winter.

There will also be prizes for the students who showcase their projects, awarded to students who win in one of three categories: most theme-related, best presentation, student favorite and most innovative. With the exception of the student favorite, the winners will be determined by a panel of staff and faculty judges.

Prizes for winners include $100 Amazon gift cards and light sabers, but all students who register to showcase their work will receive ‘SWAG’ bags, organized by ASG Social Justice Officer Emily Stensland. The bags will include a t-shirt, a wooden USB stick, a sprout pencil and other small items.

“I am really excited for students to be able to experience this opportunity,” Stensland said. “I think it’ll be a really cool event for students and I hope they all have fun and love their goodie bags!”

TechEXPO event will be from 11 a.m to 2:30 p.m on April 26 in the PUB Main Dining Room.