Stop Peeping, Start Keeping…


It all started when I was in the middle of class.

I wanted to go to the restroom but I didn’t want to miss an important conversation.

I waited for five minutes… Another five minutes… Until those five minutes turned into an hour and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I immediately ran out from my classroom toward the nearest restroom, which was the all-gender restroom in the PUB.

I quickly entered and picked a random stall. I wasn’t very aware of my surroundings because all of my attention was focused on how badly I wanted to pee. Then, while I was peeing, I saw there was someone doing their business in the stall next to mine.

I figured that it was a male individual because he was wearing a pair of men’s shoes, and I gazed at his shoes while I was peeing. I did not know why, but I kept staring at them and suddenly I realized from his shadow that he was making some movements, which was very suspicious.

A few seconds after that, I saw he was holding his phone and slowly placing it between his shoes. The weirdest part was when he was facing his phone’s camera to me.

Millions of thoughts, including panic and shock, mixed up in my mind. I felt my heart beat faster. Then this guy brought his phone back up right away when he knew I was putting my pants on.

Without waiting, I left the restroom quickly and walked fast back to my classroom.

Since this incident happened, I haven’t used the all-gender bathroom because of this incident, which still haunts me. I still have a little trauma that makes me distance myself from the all-gender restroom.

Recalling my memory about that guy and what he did, it raised my awareness whenever I go to the restroom. Even sometimes, if I go the restroom and there’s someone in the stall next to mine, I’ll be overthinking what the person is doing in that stall.

Despite all this, I don’t want to discourage people from using the all-gender restroom. It’s just a restroom, a place for us to do our private activity.

But people misused it. It’s not a scary place to go, we just need to be more careful.

However, regardless of which restroom you’re in, if you witness or experience anything like this, do not hesitate to report directly to the security. We should know that we are protected by the security. So whenever you see something, say something.

By Davira Shaffena,
Ad Manager