SCC’s Study Abroad Program Broadens Students’ Horizons

Opportunities for students to study abroad


Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience and is an opportunity for students to broaden their academic horizons, immerse themselves in new cultures and gain valuable skills that will serve them well in their education and careers. At SCC, students have access to various study abroad programs that offer these benefits at a lower cost than traditional four-year university programs.

SCC’s study abroad programs take students to countries like Germany, Costa Rica, Japan and Chile, where they can explore new cultures and learn new skills. These programs are designed to help students grow academically, professionally and personally, allowing them to step out of their comfort zones and engage with different cultures.

“I would absolutely recommend study abroad to all students since it is a great way to learn about other cultures…while making great connections and progressing in their academics,” said Rebecca Wenger, a SCC student who traveled to Japan in the fall of 2022. Wenger says that her career goals have shifted since traveling to Japan and that she would like to return to live there.

“We all learn when we are removed from our comfort zones and take a look around to notice that other people in this world do things differently, have different priorities in terms of their values and how they spend their time,” said Colleen Ferguson, the program director for the study abroad program at SCC.

While studying abroad can be expensive, SCC’s programs are more economically accessible. SCC is a member of the Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad (WCCCSA), which works with study abroad providers like WorldStrides to offer programs to students in community colleges at a lower rate than comparable programs from four-year universities.

According to the WCCCSA website, students can expect to save upwards of 20 percent compared to similar programs at four-year universities. Additionally, students can apply for scholarships to help cover the program’s cost.

The cost of the program depends on which program one selects. For the study abroad opportunity during the fall quarter of 2023 in Chile, students must pay a $5,995 fee, the tuition at their home institution, their plane ticket, any extra activities outside of the planned excursions and other costs associated with studying abroad. “My advice for anyone who is considering participating in a study abroad program is to save more money than is recommended, so you are not stressed out and trying to budget near the end of the trip like several of us did,” said Wenger.

The programs offered at SCC are not limited to studying outside the country. During spring break 2023, SCC will offer a program for students to learn in Alabama, visiting sites that were important during the Civil Rights Movement. Ferguson says this program “is a great example of how Shoreline looks at our student body and strives to create a unique, more affordable program that fits the unique interests of our students.”

If you’re interested in studying abroad with SCC, you can start by meeting with the study abroad program coordinator to discuss which program would be best for you. Ferguson can be reached by email at [email protected]. From there, you’ll fill out an application on the WCCCSA website and submit your essay, transcripts and letters of recommendation. Once your application is accepted, you’ll need to pay a deposit for the program and submit additional payments by due dates.
Studying abroad offers countless benefits to students. If you want to explore new cultures, broaden your academic horizons, and gain valuable skills, consider applying to Shoreline’s study abroad program today.