PUB remodel hits campus

By Gregor Elgee

The PUB remodel was completed this week after over nine months of planning.

The second floor of the PUB now includes a new front desk, a video wall consisting of 6 synched LCD screens, an interactive kiosk, a 90 inch monitor, and a new set of lounge furniture. In addition, software has been updated on all previous LCD screens in the PUB, allowing content to be synchronized on both the new and old monitors.

Dawn Vinberg, the Executive Director of Budget and Capital who has been overseeing the funding of the project, said that the new desk will act as an information center for guests who may be unfamiliar with SCC’s campus.

“It made sense that the desk be located in the first building you come into,” said Vinberg. “It will keep the barista from having to act as our receptionist.”

Vinberg said that half of the costs for the new technology and furniture was paid for with about $90,000 from the Student Technology Fee – a per-credit fee paid by every student. The remaining half was paid for with the school’s capital reserve, funds specifically used for construction and remodel projects around campus.

SCC President Cheryl Roberts said that the PUB remodel is part of a multi-year project intended to create active learning and gathering spaces for students across campus. She said that the PUB update is not only to act as a welcoming space for visitors on campus but also as a refresh of the “living room” space for students, a statement which students seemed to agree with.

“The first time, I came to Shoreline I didn’t know where to go,” said first-year student Jordan Staten. “I think the front desk will be a big help to new students and I think it will make it a lot easier for them to check out what’s going on.”

“(Students) can definitely look up things better by themselves” said Aldrich Valerian, another first year student. “Just looking around here, you can see a lot of the events that are going on… It will reduce the amount of time students spend asking staff about what’s going on.”

Although neither student was initially aware of how the remodel was funded, both said that they were satisfied with the use of the tech fee, an allocation that was approved by the ASG in September 2015.