No Longer Hidden

Tobias Hope-Young


Students no longer need to trek up the PUB stairs to take advantage of the SCC pantry.

The pantry has moved down from the third floor of the PUB to Room 9203 on the main floor.

If you haven’t heard of the pantry before, don’t worry, because according to Collin Fartale, the United Ways Benefits Hub coordinator and the person who oversees the food store, one of the biggest hurdles the pantry has faced is informing people of its services.

When I first heard there was a student pantry on campus, I thought it was a place to get free food, and as a hungry college student, my mind reeled at the possibilities. It turned out, though, that the food pantry is a place where students can pick up free food, as well as hygiene products, but it is reserved for people who truly need it.

Founded in August of 2014, it was quickly determined that its original location, a spot at the back of Student Life, was not ideal. The food pantry yearly report advised that the pantry relocate to somewhere better suited to carry out its duties.

It wasn’t until recently that it was able carry out this move, which is why the pantry just now finds itself in its current location. According to Fartale, student awareness is increasing and the move probably helped with this.

Fartale said the pantry was just one of the many services that United Ways Benefits Hub offers students. It also holds workshops on budgeting, financial aid and, of course, nutrition and how to eat healthily on a budget.

According to Fartale, the main job is connecting students to resources, and if they are having trouble with money, he can set up an appointment with a one-on-one financial coach. But if they are hungry, then he points them toward the food pantry.

If you’re at all interested in what Fartale and his associates can do for you, you can visit them in Room 9203 of the PUB.