News Briefs – Vol 53 Issue 9, March 2, 2018

Summer Camp Fair

10 a.m.-1 p.m., March 3, PUB

Who doesn’t love camp? Well, your kids won’t if you don’t sign them up to go in the first place. The annual summer camp event has returned to SCC, it’s free and kids are welcome. They’ll showcase programs for participants from preschoolers to teenagers, so you childless Running Start students might want to take a look as well.

Continuing Student Registration

March 5-9

It’s that time again, Phins! Time to carefully craft your schedule so you’re out of here by 10 a.m., or so you don’t have to wake up before noon. Maybe try something outside your comfort area, like drama or a language class. Or get that pesky math requirement out of the way (Phil 120 counts too). My advice? Go see an adviser. They know whereof they speak.

Employer of the Day

11 a.m.-1 p.m., PUB, Info Desk

Snohomish Community Health Center
March 5
Representatives from the Community Health Center of Snohomish County will be on hand with info on jobs for both students and graduates.

Campus Point
March 12
Campus Point connects students with paid internships. So if that sounds like your particular cup of tea, go say hi.

UW Seattle Transfer Help
12:30-1:30 p.m., March 5, PUB, Room 9201
Info session for those who want a bit of an edge on getting into Washington’s biggest university.

Options in Nursing
12:30-1:30 p.m., March 6, PUB, Room 9202
SCC is lauded for its nursing program, so if you want a career as a real-life superhero, you’re already on the right track. And you can find out which track to take next at this info session.

Woman Navigating Careers
2:30 p.m., March 6, PUB, Quiet Dining Room
A panel of professional women will discuss their journeys in their various careers.

Transfer 101
12:30-1:30 p.m., March 7, PUB, 9202
For those less sure about where they want their academic journey to take them, there’s an info session full of general knowledge. Learn the basics, set up a timeline and start planning that future.

The United States and South Africa
12:30-1:30 p.m., March 7, PUB, Quiet Dining Room
SCC’s own Dr. J, AKA Ernest B. Johnson II, is leading a four-week study abroad opportunity in South Africa this summer. Students will study South African culture and their contemporary struggles toward democracy and multicultural acceptance. If that sounds fun, educational or even just mildly interesting, you can come and hear him discuss it.

Workforce Funding Info Session
2-4 p.m., March 7 & 14, FOSS, Room 5101
Need money for school? You can find out if you qualify for workforce. Don’t need money for school? Come anyway, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Winter Transfer Fair
10 a.m.-1 p.m., March 8, PUB, Main Dining Room
SCC will host representatives from about 30 colleges. Swing by and get tips from places you already want to go, and maybe even check out a few you never considered or heard of before.

Shoreline Math Olympiad
7:30 a.m.-3 p.m., March 10, PUB & Gym.
If you’re like me, you’re super bummed that the Olympics are over. But have no fear, the Math Olympiad is coming to SCC! Over 750 fourth- to eighth-graders will descend on the campus for some mad multiplication, dope division, extreme exponents and sick sine waves. Bring your nerves of steel.

Life of a Physician
11-11:50 a.m., March 10, Room 2723
Dr. Lorena Alarcon-Casas Wright will discuss working with Latinos and other people of color who have diabetes.

FAFSA Workshop
2:30-4 p.m., March 12, FOSS, Room 5101
Government money must go a little further than regular money, for the amount of times per quarter the school offers this workshop. That or they’re just being nice, cuz they want you to get the most out of your educational experience. It’s probably one of those.

Volunteer at New Beginnings
10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., March 15, 22901 Edmonds Way, Edmonds
New Beginnings provides support to victims of domestic violence and abuse. SCC students have the opportunity to volunteer and learn how to get more involved in the community.

Last Ebbtide of Winter
March 16
We have an extra-long spring break this year, so be sure to pick up an Ebbtide to keep yourself entertained.

By Connor Tee,
Editor in Chief