Former SCC VP Drops Lawsuit Against School

The apparent conclusion to Stevens vs. Shoreline Community College

Jasmine Contreras-Lewis, Editor in Chief

Two years and two presidents after filing it, former Executive Vice President Alison Stevens withdrew her lawsuit accusing Shoreline Community College of unfair labor practices. Citing health concerns, Stevens requested a voluntary dismissal which was granted this past June by Judge Haydee Vargas of the King County Superior Court. Given that the case was dismissed without prejudice, Stevens is free to reopen the issue in the event that she is able and willing to litigate again.

Stevens alleged in her lawsuit that she had been the victim of unfair labor practices, most of which were perpetuated by then-Executive President Cheryl Roberts. The allegations included discrimination, retaliation, hostile work environment, wrongful termination, infliction of emotional distress and violations of Washington’s Family Leave Act (FLA).

In her initial petition, Stevens details a two-year long struggle with Roberts. She stated that during a period where she filled in for Roberts, she was routinely undermined by the absent president. She goes on to mention that after this, the situation escalated such that she was systematically stripped of her duties, received heavier scrutiny for her work, bullied and pressured to sign a severance agreement.

The case, originally filed in March 2020, was delayed a number of times due to the Covid-19 pandemic in addition to health and family issues that arose from both parties.

In a post-dismissal declaration from September 2022, Gauri S. Locker, Assistant Attorney General, addressed a lack of response by Steven’s counsel, Kristi Pimpleton. Locker states that Pimpleton, after sending the email requesting the case’s dismissal, stopped responding about the case and could not be reached via mail, email or phone. This declaration was accompanied by another declaration that Locker was in support of a continuance of the case to “[prevent] a substantial injustice”.

While the defendant’s motion to continue the trial date and amend the case schedule was granted, the case has gone dormant, rendering the case functionally and legally dismissed.

This was confirmed by the administration of SCC. Lori Yonemitsu, Executive Assistant to the President, stated “The matter pertaining to Alison Stevens was dismissed in June 2022”. When asked about the circumstances surrounding the case’s end or a statement, counsel for Stevens did not return comment.

Should further developments occur, The Ebbtide will follow and report on them.