Crime Log – Vol. 54 Issue 7, February 1, 2019

Natasha Sidik

Curb Stop Catastrophe

6 p.m., Jan. 10; 2900 Parking Lot

A student required assistance after their Kia sedan was damaged from a curb stop. Watch out for blind spots, people!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

5:45 p.m., Jan. 11; Track & Field

A community member was charged under trespassing after multiple incidents of violating SCC’s dog leash policy.

Beware the Blade

12:25 a.m., Jan. 12; King County Bus Stop at SCC

A used hypodermic needle found near the bus stop. Photos show that the needle plunger was fully depressed. The needle was disposed by security.


12 p.m., Jan. 22; PUB

A backpack in the Lowtide Lounge went missing; it is said to have been left unattended. The backpack has yet to be recovered.