Crime Log – Vol. 54 Issue 9, March 1, 2019

Natasha Sidik

Fluorescent Fall

4:23 a.m., Feb. 11; Gym

A section of the new neon light fixture attached in the gym fell due to the snow storm. A contractor has been scheduled to come and fix it.

In Harm’s Way

11 p.m., Feb. 14; Off-Campus

SCC student reported being threatened of physical harm by two people unaffiliated to the college.

Please Stop Vandalising!

Feb. 20; 2900 Building, Lower Restrooms

More graffiti makes their way to campus buildings. These taggings has been somewhat of a common occurrence at SCC per the previous crime logs from the past year.

According to Sergeant Gregory Cranson, “It costs approximately $250.00 to restore a bathroom stall after being tagged.”

That’s something the school’s budget will have continue covering unless these graffiti incidents start decreasing.