Crime Log – Vol. 53 Issue 14, June 1, 2018

The Crime Log is a selection from the campus security log, as chosen by the Ebbtide. The full log can be viewed at any time by visiting the campus security office.

Campus Safety and Security can be reached at (206) 546-4633. Additionally, they are located on the first floor of FOSS in Room 5102 (it’s a separate door from Workforce Education).

When a Student Calls

3:30 p.m., May 18; Off Campus

A former student left several “concerning” voicemails on a staff member’s voicemail. The Shoreline Police were called to do a welfare check on the student.


2:25 p.m., May 19; Bus Stop by PUB

A person was found by security, lying on the floor by the bus stop. After being awoken, the person asked for an ambulance, which arrived and took him to the hospital for detoxification.

No Money, Mo’ Problems

11:05 a.m., May 22; PUB

A wallet was reported stolen from the women’s restroom.

Sound of Silence

1 p.m., May 23; 2000 South Parking Lot

A subwoofer and an amp were reported stolen from a vehicle.

This is Why We Have the Shelters

2 p.m., May 23; West of 1600 Building

Smoke was seen coming from the bark and bushes west of the 1600 Building. It was extinguished without the need to call the fire department. A discarded cigarette butt is suspected to have been the cause.

Under Lock and Key

7:50 a.m., May 25; Gym

Clothing and sneakers were reported stolen from one of the men’s lockers. The lock that was supposed to be on the locker was not located.