ASG in Review

By Cendri Johnson

New Clubs Approved

Anime and Comic Club– This club will be meeting from 4-5 p.m. on Thursdays, location TBA, and will focus on all parts of Japanese anime–drawing comics, reading books, watching movies, even playing games. Open to anyone regardless of experience with anime.

Hip-Hop Club – Logistical details like times and locations are still in the works, but this club will celebrate hip-hop culture through listening to hip-hop music, writing songs, dancing and rapping. Open to all lovers of hip-hop.

Millionaire Club – This club seeks to open up the minds of its members to new possibilities, and aid in the creation and exploration of their dreams through visiting large successful companies around the Seattle area.

Math Club – The purpose of this club is to ignite students’ interest in math so that they can become more proficient in this academic arena and be able to better apply their skills to life. This club is open to people of all math levels, and looks to use alternative ways of learning skills like group discussions rather than textbook problem solving.

Change in ASG Bylaws

The name of Shoreline’s student government board, previously called the “Student Body Association” is now officially the “Associated Student Government.”

Clubs are given a baseline budget of $500 to spend as they need throughout the year. If and when clubs use up their funds, however, they are allowed to request additional funding for their activities in the form of mini-grants.

Millionaire Club

Amount Requested: $1075
Amount Approved: $0

The Millionaire Club wished to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week by allowing students to prepare and perform a one to three minute startup pitch to the theme “How to change the world” in front of a panel of judges. The top three people would receive prizes. Upon closer examination of the mini-grant proposal, however, it was noted that the club was asking for $250 to buy “pizza, steak, and drink,” as well as over $1700 for the prizes, which included a Microsoft Surface, Google Chrome Book, and Amazon Fire. In addition to the grandiose nature of this request, it was also pointed out that the budget was calculated wrong, and in order to purchase all of the listed resources, the club would actually need a mini-grant of $1650. The adviser and representative of this club will be meeting with members of the ASG to reconfigure the request, and for now this mini-grant request is tabled for the next meeting.

Intramurals and Yoga Club

Amount Requested: $1315
Amount Granted: $0

The Yoga and Hiking Clubs are collaborating to put on their annual trip to Stevens Pass, where students, staff and faculty are invited to come ski, snowboard or snowshoe. This trip has been a success in the past and is likely to come to fruition once again this year. Stacie Attridge, the adviser of the Yoga and Meditation Club was unfortunately unable to attend the Nov. 14 ASG meeting, so this mini-grant request has also been tabled for the next meeting, where Attridge will be able to fully present her request.

Hiking Club

Amount Requested: $1900
Amount Granted: $1100

After some recalculations of how much money was needed for the Hiking Club’s trip to Rattlesnake Ridge, $1100 was approved. Expenditures included transportation (two busses), water, energy bars and first aid kits.

CEO Club

Amount Requested: $920
Amount Granted: $920

This money was requested to fund an open mic session, where students will be able to share their talents with each other. This money was meant to cover the costs of food and drinks, decorations, marketing, food servers, marketers/flyer makers and hiring an emcee.

Adventure Builders Club

Amount Requested: $230.27
Amount Granted: $0

Originally, this club was asking for additional funding to put on a Halloween Fun House. However, after coming to the realization, that this club still had their baseline budget of $500 to spend, the ASG board recommended that they use up that money first and then come back if and when they require funding in the future.

SCC Volleyball Team

Amount Requested: $5,273.30
Amount Granted: $5,273.30

The SCC Volleyball Team started playing in the NWAC Volleyball Championship on Nov. 16, and most likely have to travel to Tacoma. This mini-grant will cover the prices of hotels, meals, transportation, the award banquet and T-Shirts.

SCC Women’s Soccer

Amount Requested: $6,155.05
Amount Granted: $6,155.05

Shoreline competed at the NWAC Women’s Soccer Playoffs, and unfortunately lost. The money allocated for this competition was the maximum amount that could have been needed for the entire playoff/championship process depending on their victories. This sum would have covered meals, rental vans, lodging and gas. In this case, as in all dealings with mini grants, the funding given to the club but not used up during their specified event is then given back to the ASG.