ASG in Review – Vol 52 Issue 15

At this meeting, the ASG gave out $7,498.54

Mini Grants:

DECA: Retreat to Airbnb House

DECA requested $1,500 for six officers and three advisers to go on a retreat in Langley, with the goal of having time to bond and plan service projects for next year. They planned on renting a five-bedroom house off Airbnb, with one bedroom for each adviser, one room for the male officers and one for the female officers.

When Sustainability Officer Eberth Arias asked what was meant by bonding, the DECA representative stated that he was not sure yet. The representative also stated that DECA had no plans for activities besides planning fundraisers and service projects. When the ASG asked for specifics, the representative said, “For the schedule, I think the advisers are planning something, which sounds really bad …” referencing his earlier statement that the DECA advisers were “micromanaging the president (of DECA).”

The representative added that the advisers were “awesome,” but they still wanted DECA to be more student-led.

Communications Officer Yorin Anggari expressed her want for a list of DECA’s goals for the retreat, and Policy and Procedure Officer Nida Haque wanted to know why DECA couldn’t do the things they wanted to do at the retreat on campus.

“I don’t see the logic behind this,” Haque said.

Before the ASG voted, Director of Student Life Rezina Habtemariam reminded the ASG that they personally should understand the value retreats can have, as they have been on retreats together before.

After the vote was cast, Habtemariam explained how the school is not able to go through Airbnb, but she reassured the representatives that there were ways to get around it, meaning they could try contacting the renters on Airbnb through other means.

Amount Requested: $1,500
Amount Granted: $1,500

Acroyoga Club: Safety Mats

The Acroyoga Club requested this mini grant for “ezFlex Mats” in order to more safely practice acroyoga, which involves “flyers” balancing on the feet of someone lying on the floor. Currently, the club has 12 members. The Acroyoga Club meets on Fridays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., “or until we get hungry,” according to club representatives. Meetings are officially in Room 3007, but usually they are moved to the quad when the weather is nice.

Amount Requested: $990
Amount Granted: $990

Dental Hygiene Club: Barbeque

The Dental Hygiene Club is hosting a Welcome Barbeque on August 18 at Richmond Beach Park in a reserved area. At least 52 people plan on attending, as the event is not just for dental hygiene students. They hope to show non-dental hygiene students what their community is like.

Sustainability Officer Eberth Arias requested the club use biodegradable plates and utensils: “I hate to see those things go into the trashcan,” he said.

Camaraderie is important to dental hygiene students, according to their club representatives. “You have to basically make straight A’s,” the representative stated. Some students trying to get into the program may be disheartened, but interacting with graduated students or those currently in the program can be encouraging, as finding out someone else had to take microbiology twice can be conducive to not giving up.

Amount Requested: $364
Amount Granted: $364

Tree Campus USA: Signs

Tree Campus USA intends to build and install signs to identify “significant trees and plants on campus,” according to their mini grant request.

They aim to protect these plants from off-leash dogs and unaware joggers who may step on them. Signs will include the plant name, where it grows, some of its environmental benefits and its economic use as a natural resource.

All signs will be placed by volunteers and Tree Campus USA intends to have the 410 signs in place, according to their mini grant request, by June 9.

Amount Requested: $3,444.54
Amount Granted: $3,444.54

Swimming Club: Trips to the Beach During Summer

The SCC Swimming Club requested $3,000 to go on several trips to the beach over the summer. According to the Swimming Club representative, they needed some of the mini grant money “in case we need to have a barbeque.”

Their trips will be approximately once every two weeks, according to their representative. The locations they listed in their mini grant request included Green Lake, Matthews Beach Park and the Henry Moses Aquatic Center.

After some deliberation, the ASG decided not to let the Swimming Club use the same bus company that Hiking Club went to, as Hiking Club’s bus rides are often much longer than the Swimming Club’s rides would be. This saved $1,800.

Amount Requested: $3,000
Amount Granted: $1,200


Student Services and Activities Budget Report

The S&A fee comes from you, students.

It goes to things like SCC’s 56 clubs, the art gallery, the Ebbtide, Spindrift, operas, the Parent Child Center, athletics and the Women’s Center.

On May 24, Habtemariam presented a budget proposal to the Board of Trustees, and on June 5, the ASG voted to approve it unanimously after viewing a slideshow presentation about it. The Board of Trustees has not yet approved it, but Habtemariam has stated that they probably will.

If the Board agrees with this proposal, the fee will not increase.

According to Habtemariam, the current field at SCC is “not conducive to our sports teams,” and because of this, she is advocating for a multipurpose field.

6% discretionary fund
11% art
16% student support
23% athletics
4% student publications
3% clubs
2% intramurals
1% Academic programs
34% student life

At the meeting’s end, Lee banged his gavel one final time, and handed it symbolically to Yorin Anggari, the next ASG president.

-Nellie Ferguson