ASG in Review : Vol 52 Issue 14

The Associated Student Government (ASG) has meetings the first and third Monday of every month. If students would like to meet their representatives, or voice an issue, they can attend. Meetings are held from 3-5 p.m. The next meeting is Monday, June 5 in the Quiet Dining Room, and will be the last public ASG meeting of the school year.

Mini Grants:

At this meeting, the ASG gave out $8,554.

Art Club:

Not every student can make it to the Seattle Art Museum on the first Thursday of every month–because of this the Art Club is taking 20 students to the museum on June 2 for free.

Amount Requested: $260
Amount Granted: $260

Black Student Union:

At the previous ASG meeting, the Black Student Union requested $2,600 for their celebration of music and dance around the world. At this ASG meeting, they requested another $1,094 for a photo booth. At their event, which will be on June 3, they’ll have the same photo booth and DJ as Pride Prom.

Amount Requested: $1,094
Amount Granted: $1,094

Dental Hygiene Club:

There will be a Dental Hygiene Pinning Ceremony, in which graduates all receive pins in recognition of their successful completion of the SCC Dental Hygiene Program. The ceremony and reception will be in the PUB on June 3. Their mini grant will cover items like $600 worth of M&M balloons, stoles, and Costco food.

Amount Requested: $2,200
Amount Granted: $2,200

Graduation BBQ:

This mini grant request, made by Yushin Wung, who was hired to be ASG Vice President next year, is for the annual celebration of students graduating from SCC. The celebration will take place in Carkeek Park on June 9.
The mini grant will cover things like burgers, hot dogs, chips, and $4,000 of ‘swag:’ 500 SCC shirts with this year’s graduation date.

Amount Requested: $5,000
Amount Granted: $5,000

Vocal Association Club:

It should be noted the location of this ASG meeting was not where it normally is, in the Boardroom of the Administration (1000) Building, but was moved to a different room in the same building.

Vocal Association Club did not attend the meeting, and so their mini grant was tabled until the next meeting–until it was pointed out that as the fiscal year was ending, and the next ASG meeting would be too late for mini grants for Spring quarter.

“I don’t think this is right,” Eberth Arias, the ASG Sustainability Officer said. “It’s just not fair.”

So, the ASG decided to reach out to the Vocal Association Club so they could hold a special meeting before the fiscal year ended.

Amount Requested: $30
Amount Granted: $0

-Nellie Ferguson
For inquiries: [email protected]