ASG in Review – Vol 52 Issue 12

The Associated Student Government (ASG) has meetings the first and third Monday of every month. If students would like to meet their representatives, or voice an issue, all are welcome. Meetings are held from 3-5 p.m. in the 1000 Building/Administration. The next meeting is Monday, May 8.

This ASG meeting was not held in the 1000 Building, as it was moved to the Quiet Dining Room in the PUB. Four out of nine ASG members were absent. In accordance with current written version ASG by-laws, which the ASG follows, this does not constitute a quorum (enough members for a vote to be binding). However, Robert’s Rules of Order state that the president can cast a vote to establish a quorum. These rules have been referred to by the ASG as the guiding principles of the board meetings.

New Clubs Recognized

Shoreline AcroFins Movement Company

The club was titled a “company” because its members plan to perform for audiences. Jade Roque, the club representative, describes acroyoga as a “blend of spirituality and fitness.”

Vocal Association

Flash mobs may be coming to SCC. This club described themselves as “like a glee club.” After the club’s presentation, one representing member sang opera-style for the ASG.

The Vocal Association representatives stated, “If you enjoy singing but don’t know where to start, we can help you with that.”

Mini Grants

Kung Fu Club

The Kung Fu Club did not come to the meeting.
Amount requested: $650
Amount granted: $0

Engineering Club

On Saturday, April 29, 10 members of the Engineering Club will travel to Central Washington University in Ellensburg to compete in both the Raja RC Car Competition and the Sumo-bot Competition. According to Engineering Club representatives, the Sumo-bot Competition consists of two bots fighting on a circular piece of wood, and whichever bot is pushed off first loses. Their mini grant request will cover the registration of the event.
Amount requested: $1,050
Amount granted: $1,050

Hiking Club

The Hiking Club is going to Ira Spring Trail for a day-long hike on May 20. Their mini grant will cover the bus rental fee, food supplies and water. After the club’s presentation, ASG President Winston joked, “We should have that weekend off so we can all go!”

The ASG Sustainability Officer expressed concerns about creating more plastic waste than was necessary with the club’s purchase of vitamin water for up to 55 students, and other options were discussed.
Amount requested: $2,191.37
Amount granted: $2,191.37

Swim Club

The Swim Club intended to hold a swimming pool party on May 13 at the Helene Madison Pool. After warm-up games, attendees wanted to hold a race. Three winners were to be rewarded $25 Amazon gift cards.

ASG President Winston Lee abstained from voting. The ASG voted, passed the mini grant, but with only five present members voting, Lee then realized the ASG could not reach a quorum.

Lee recommended the Swim Club have their swimming pool party on campus, where there is no swimming pool. Lee then suggested they have the “swimming section” of the party at a later date.

The Swim Club representatives waited near the podium as the ASG discussed their options. It was recommended that the club redo their presentation at the next ASG meeting, which will not be until May 8, after the deadline for reserving the pool for the party. The club’s current baseline budget was less than $50 away from being sufficient to cover the $300 pool rental fee.

It was agreed that they would have to change the date of their pool party, and present their mini grant request again at the next ASG meeting, unless they could work out an alternative with a program supervisor.
Amount requested: $262
Amount granted: $0

-Nellie Ferguson
Inquiries: [email protected]