ASG in Review: May 9th, 2022

Paris Apodaca, News Editor

The Associated Student Government (ASG) holds board meetings every alternating week on Mondays. These meetings are open to the SCC community. Students are encouraged to attend and participate by sharing their perspectives.

New Business:

Diploma Replacements Student Feedback
The Dean of Student Support and Success, Derek Levy, sought out student opinion on the instituting of diploma replacement fees. Replacement diplomas are great for when students lose them during a move or for those that are accident-prone.
Levy showed the Associated Student Government the prices of replacement diplomas at other local colleges to justify establishing a fee. According to his presentation, North Seattle charges $15.50, Edmonds charges $10.50 and Everett charges $5.30. Cascadia does not charge.

SCC Student Support Services plans on charging $13 for replacement diplomas. This price accounts for the $6 cost for employee time spent verifying that the student received that said degree, $3.70 for materials and $1.45 for mailing unless out of state, which costs $5.25. This doesn’t account for the full $13. The estimated revenue collected from replacement diplomas would be $520 annually.
The degree replacement cost would likely go into effect in the fall, as this is when the board of trustees goes through an annual evaluation of fees.

Club Recognition
ASG approves Soccer Club. Soccer Club scores a goal for the win with their representative’s well-organized presentation. Soccer club activities will include playing soccer, watching games, debating tactics and playing soccer games online. According to the presentation, Soccer clubs are a great way to improve the community’s health and wellness.