ASG in Review: May 23, 2022

ASG normal business and interest in a career center.

Paris Apodaca, News Editor

The Associated Student Government (ASG) holds board meetings every alternating week on Mondays. These meetings are open to the SCC community. Students are encouraged to attend and participate by sharing their perspectives.

New Business:

Career Center
The Dean of Student Support and Success, Derek Levy, was invited to attend the ASG meeting to talk about a career center for students. Representatives for the career center expressed interest in a space where students can go to find jobs in the community. This space would be co-funded by the college and the student body.
In the past, posters and resources listed jobs all around the campus. Today, there’s not much physical information on campus about employment opportunities. In the modern world, Student Life leadership positions are advertised on their social media pages.

The conversation considered many options: a large conference room in the library, the PUB, possibly taking offline the casual recreational center, to being housed with Student Life. None sound like very good options.
Also important for students, the career center will provide information about possible internships. Internships are quite attractive for considerations by university admissions. With incoming sunshine at our back door step, internships are a good way to keep those with a free summer busy.

2022-2023 Presidential Election Review
Chole Mok won the presidential election by 10 votes. Mok won with 42 votes and Vincent Sutanto had 32 votes adding to a total of 74 votes. Neither candidate attended the zoom meeting. The ASG unanimously approved Chole Mok as the next sitting ASG President.

Mini-Grant Requests
The Indonesia Student Club (ISC), requested a mini-grant to host a basketball tournament. Funding use would include snacks, water and all day games. They were expected to have 50 attendees with only two confirmed teams. To encourage student participation, ISC wanted to give away amazon gift cards. but were denied due to the presence of non-SCC students participating in the games. After the removal of the gift cards, the club was approved for their mini-grant.
Project Pride, represented by co-president, Joel Sitanggang, wanted a $392.57 mini-grant. Falling down into the rabbit hole, Project Pride will be having a Wonderland-themed party. The party will be a safe space for members, as those wishing to fall down the hole must receive an invite.