ASG in review: Feb. 27, 2023


Jeffrey Shirts, News Editor

The Associated Student Government (ASG) is the voice of the student body. They run events and govern student clubs. ASG meets bi-weekly at 3 p.m. on Mondays in Room 1010, the next meeting is on March. 13.

The Ebbtide

The Ebbtide applied for a mini-grant to digitize its backlog of newspapers going back from the 1960’s. At the minute there are no plans on how to give students access to the digitized papers, however, this is intended to happen sometime in the future. The grant was approved for $36,400.

Hong Kong student association

The Hong Kong student association miscalculated the amount of money that they would need for their hot pot night. So representatives are asking for more money to be able to buy the rest of the ingredients that they would need. ASG questioned the HK student association about their record keeping. After they agreed to do a better job with the budget for future mini-grants, the mini-grant was approved for 036;200.

Japanese culture club

The Japanese culture club is being founded. The club will be for students who are Japanese and students who are interested in Japanese culture. The aim of the club is to discuss, teach and learn more about the society and culture of Japan. The club representatives present also expressed an idea to have students from shoreline get in contact with students from a japanese college so that they can talk and share information about their cultures with each other. Some of the club’s activities will be watching anime and discussing Japanese culture.


The women’s basketball team made it to the championship tournament however, because it is not a given that any of the sports teams will make it to the championship the money for the championship is not in the budget. As such, whenever a team makes it to the championship tournament the athletics department must apply for a mini-grant to pay for the trip. ASG approved the necessary funds to let the basketball team go.

Wage increases
Due to the hourly rate of the trainers that the athletic program employs, the athletic program is requesting a mini-grant to tide itself over until the next fiscal year. ASG approved the mini-grant.

Gym monitor
After repeated student requests the athletics department wants to open the school’s recreational facilities more often. To do this they have to hire more non-student gym monitors. ASG approved the mini-grant.

ARC Nominations
All of the people who were nominated for the Appointment Review Committee (ARC) positions were approved. The ARC is made up of students who have gone through the application process and have been approved by the student government. The goal of the committee is to approve staff tenure.