ASG in Review – Feb. 17

By Nellie Ferguson


SCC Cheer
Requested: $2,000
Granted: $2,000

Cheerleading captain Sara Rutherford’s squad consists entirely of new members this year, all of whom are in need of new uniforms. Because the cheer captain and adviser changed this year, the squad was unable to make up for lost time where fundraising was concerned.

Hiking Club
Requested: $1,723.70
Granted: $1,723.70

The Hiking Club is going to the Coal Creek Fall trail for a one-day hike on March 11, and needed money for bus rentals, energy bars, vitamin water and other supplies.


The ASG voted to make the ASG president the only elected position in the ASG. All other positions will now be hired positions. One new position is the Student Advocate, who will, among other duties, address grievances students have about sexual harassment, grades and learning resources. The Student Advocate’s contact information will be in the ASG’s next newsletter.