ASG in Review: Dec. 6, 2021

Sean Moran, News Editor

The Associated Student Government holds biweekly Monday meetings from 3-4:30 p.m. via Zoom. At these meetings, students are encouraged to connect with their representatives and raise questions.

On Dec. 6, the ASG approved a new student club, a mini grant proposal and faculty picks for an Appointment Review Committee during the last board meeting of the quarter.

New Business

New Clubs

The board voted to approve the Entrepreneurial Business Club, which is designed to allow students to gain a better understanding of stock markets, economic theory and real-world business structures. The club will also help students cultivate leadership skills that can be applied to the real world.

Mini Grants

The board voted to approve a mini grant request of $8,500 for the Athletics & Intramurals department. This grant will help fund staff wages as athletic facilities open up for winter and spring quarters.

Athletics Program Coordinator Sydney Hinnebusch led the mini grant proposal. According to Hinnebusch, the $8,500 request stems from pre-COVID requirements for gym monitors’ wages. SCC’s basketball gym will have open hours for students to access badminton courts and shoot basketballs.

Appointment Review Committees

Appointment Review Committees are student panels that review professors seeking a tenured position. The panels are assembled by faculty, and the ASG is tasked with approving the faculty’s nominees. This week, the ASG voted to appoint 10 ARC nominees.