ASG in Review: Dec. 5, 2022

Paris Apodaca, News Editor

The Associated Student Government (ASG) holds board meetings every alternate week on Mondays at 3 p.m. in Room 1010. These meetings are open to the SCC community. Students are encouraged to attend, participate and share their perspectives. This will be the last meeting of the quarter.

New Business:

Club Recognitions:
ASG unanimously approved the African Students Club. It will focus on issues and concerns of the African community. The club will showcase the diversity of Africa’s culture through cultural events to the SCC community. They will promote leadership opportunities for African students and provide a comfortable place for students. This club can act as a home away from home. Everyone will be invited to learn about African culture, like the African night with exhibitions and activities they want to share. The African Students Club will meet every two weeks.

The Muslim Student Association was also unanimously approved by ASG. In the Muslim Student Association, students will learn about the teachings of Islam, study Islamic scholars and talk about struggles they face in a non-Islamic country. They hope to find a space where students can pray so students do not miss their Salah.

Social Club was not approved and was tabled for the future. When getting approval for a club, clubs must fill out packets called the club constitutions. There were critical errors and inconsistencies within the Social Club’s club constitution packet. ASG considered one learning outcomes possibly discriminatory, “… [To] prevent introverted students from suffering from depression and autism.” People do not suffer from autism. During the presentation, the presenters had a hard time explaining their club to the ASG. Thus, rather than malicious intent, the Club Constitution may be a communication error on the presenters side.

Mini-Grant Requests:
ASG amends the Multicultural Center’s mini-grant from $807.17 to $653.18, then approves it. It was amended because the location for the second bulletin board was unclear. The multicultural center’s plan is to have one bulletin board that people can see as they walk by. This mini-grant will also be used to replace a-frame boards around campus that are broken or lost. These boards are important for promoting the club. ASG questioned the validity of the mini-grant because the presenter was unaware of the itemized allocation of the multicultural center’s budget. But the presenter shared that the budget is distributed between prominent cultural groups, resolving the issue of the budget. Although the intent of the amendment was genuine, I question whether the cultural communication differences had an effect on their decision.