ASG in Review

By Cendri Johnson

New Officers

Adrianna Flores is now officially recognized as the ASG’s Technological Affairs Officer.
Nida Haque is now officially recognized as the ASG’s Policy and Procedure Officer.


SCC Cheer

Amount Requested: $1000
Amount Granted: $0

SCC Cheer is requesting funds for new uniforms, but when the presenters for this proposal did not show up, this item was tabled for the next meeting.

Chinese Culture Club

Amount Requested: $6500
Amount Granted: $5950

Chinese Culture Club is collaborating with several other clubs to put on the Winter Ball event from 6-9 p.m. on Feb. 23 at SCC. The goal of this project is to give students a chance to release themselves from the stresses of school and have fun, as well as to bridge a social gap between American and international students and create a space where they can interact and enjoy themselves. Expenses covered by the budget will include the costs for buying a variety of international foods for 350 people, paying an SCC security guard for three hours of extra work, buying/renting decorations and a photo booth and hiring a band to play for the night. The only club using their own funds to pay for this event is the Chinese Culture Club and after some revision to make sure this club spends their baseline budget before receiving additional funding, and subtracting expenses for lighting that Shoreline already has access to, the mini-grant amount was changed to $5950.

New Clubs Approved

American Honors SCC

This pre-existing program will now be recognized as a club as well. The purpose of this club will be to connect the American Honors community with the SCC community as a whole and to encourage students to join the honors program. This club will put on community events hosted by American Honors, which are also open to anyone at SCC.

Environmental Club

This club was active years ago and is now being revived. This club will volunteer outside of school to improve various aspects of the environment, go on field trips and participate in activities to improve awareness of environmental issues around the Shoreline area.


– Spindrift, SCC’s award-winning arts and literature journal, presented samples of their work to the ASG and will continue to function throughout this year.

– The ASG recognized the student members of several Appointed Review Committees, which provide feedback to staff members on their track to tenure.