ASG In Review

Kirk Meyers, News Editor

The Associated Student Government (ASG) will continue to hold board meetings via Zoom through spring quarter. As usual, meetings will be held every other Monday, with students welcome to voice concerns or speak to their representatives.

Budget and Finance Office Nathan Sidik began the Nov. 30 meeting with the ASG’s mini grant report: $22,000 remain of $25,000 overall budgeted.

New Business

College Leap – Club Constitution

SCC students Maral Atayeva and Stella Manua introduced College Leap, a non-profit founded at UC Berkeley, which aims to empower community college students, especially international students, by providing a barrier-free educational and career resource information platform on campus.

The program connects international students with local resources and networking, as well as providing any necessary help in a community college student’s transfer path.

Health, Science and Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex

Diana Dotter, Executive Director of the Shoreline Community College Foundation, joined the meeting to share project plans for the construction of a new classroom complex which will house health, science and advanced manufacturing programs.

The new facility is expected to increase job perspectives for students and alumni by providing them with specifically designed curricula to segue directly into job opportunities, Dotter said. By creating this pipeline, students will be cultivated in an environment that appropriately prepares them for the industry.

Construction is scheduled to start in July 2021 with a total project cost of $39,600,000. Washington state has committed to financing $36,600,000 of the project cost, leaving $3,000,000 to be fundraised by SCC. It was not immediately clear how the college would raise those funds.

Mini Grants

Presence – Student Engagement Platform

Sundi Municki, Director of Student Leadership and Residential Life, requested funds to secure an online student engagement software known as Presence, which seeks to consolidate student opportunities for co-curricular and/or extracurricular activities into a single online platform for ease of access.

Requested: $15,000

Granted: $15,000