ASG in Review – Vol 52 Issue 13

The Associated Student Government (ASG) has meetings the first and third Monday of every month. If students would like to meet their representatives or voice an issue, they can attend. Meetings are held from 3-5 p.m. in the 1000 Building/Administration. The next meeting is May 22.


Yorin Anggari was elected SCC Student Body President for the 2017-2018 school year with 59 percent of the 487 votes cast by the student body.

Mini Grants

At this meeting, the ASG gave out $22,357.25.


An annual festival since 1977, Sunfest will be held May 30-June 1. Their mini grant request will cover, according to their budget, “free Subway/DelTaco (sic), maybe different but something like this,”; a rock climbing wall; two Henna artists; a photo booth; bands; food trucks; and $1,000 worth of miscellaneous costs which could cover anything from “any taxes” to “last minute things.”

Requested: $17,000
Granted: $17,000

Vocal Association Club:

The Vocal Association Club intended to host a welcome party for new club members. Four members of the ASG abstained from voting and with only five approvals, the mini grant was tabled, to be discussed at the next meeting, nine days after their event was set to take place. For more information on the Vocal Association Club, see Sing Some Songs.

Requested: $200

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is going on a field trip to Vashon Island to visit a local farmers market, do nature walks and kayak. Their mini grant would primarily cover transportation, food and drink and kayak rentals. Attending students have the option to stay in a house owned by the club’s adviser, camp outside or stay for only one day’s events rather than overnight.

Requested: $1245.25
Granted: $1245.25


The SCC theater is requesting three new wireless microphones. According to the mini grant presenter, the ones they currently use have been so insufficient that techs have had to choose which actors’ mics to cut. The three new microphones they intend to purchase are less expensive than the previous because, according to the presenter, technology is improving and prices are going down.

Requested: $1,200
Granted: $1,200

Shoreline Community College Association of Nursing Students

The SCC nursing students requested this mini grant to cover the cost of their graduation ceremony on June 15. Items covered include decorations, cakes from Costco and catering.

Requested: $312
Granted: $312

Kung Fu Club

After some deliberation following a typo in the budget proposal, it was established that the amount requested was $510. The Kung Fu Club wanted to pay an instructor with this mini grant. Four ASG members abstained from voting, including the two absent members, and so with only five members voting, a quorum could not be reached.

Requested: $510
Granted: $0

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union intends to host the first of an annual event focusing on creating an “active culturally-responsive space for music, dance and food,” according to their proposal. The mini grant would cover items like reusable table cloths bearing various countries’ flags, a photo booth and catering. The Black Student Union also intends to hire the same DJ that Pride Prom did for 2017.

Requested: $2,600
Granted: $2,600

New Clubs Recognized

Salsa Club

The Salsa Club aims to promote wellness through dancing, fostering personal connections and skill building. According to a Salsa Club representative, the club intends to host events at SCC like the Winter Ball. During the meeting in which the club was recognized, the ASG Policy and Procedure Officer Nida Haque remarked, “I think we should all join.”

-Nellie Ferguson
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