Word on the Street: What Do You Think SCC’s Mascot Should Be and Why?


“Killer whale or
orca whale because it ties
into our themes, Shoreline.
There are a lot of orca
whales in the Puget Sound
which is sort of where we’re near.
Orca whales also have a long
history in the Pacific Northwest,
dating back to the Native Americans.”

- Gary Wu


“Tiger because it should be
representing the students
who are (dominant), fierce,
brave and fast.”
- Jessica Surya



“I think the mascot should be blue heron,
because we can find that here in (the)
Northwest, Richmond Beach,
and they’re majestic. They stand on one leg.”
- Joe Thamrin






“I choose penguin mascot for
SCC because I think they are
super slick on the ice.”

- Ben Birchman



“Grizzly bear because it looks kinda cuddly and
fuzzy on the outside but really it’s fierce and brave
and really scary. And also it’s from the Northwest
just like this school.”
- Matt Stoebe



By Davira Shaffena,
Ad Manager

Photos by Aditya Wiputra


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