The Ebbtide

The Sea and the Sword

June 2, 2018

When imagining a college mascot, eagles, tigers or lions usually come to mind. They are the most common mascots used by schools in the U.S. because they are often seen as intimidating and ferocious. Then why a dolphin for SCC? What if I told you our team was actually known as the Shoreline Samurai fr...

A Mascot for the Ages

CJ Priebe

May 22, 2018

AN OPEN LETTER TO DOLPHIE Dear Dolphie, Hey, you! The one with the dorsal fin! Yeah, the aquatic mammal that performs tricks and too often gets confused for a fish. I want to thank you. You are far and away the best possible mascot a school could ask for. We’re talking an all-timer. The sea is a wonde...

Word on the Street: What Do You Think SCC’s Mascot Should Be and Why?

March 12, 2018

"WHAT DO YOU THINK SCC’S MASCOT SHOULD BE AND WHY?" “Killer whale or orca whale because it ties into our themes, Shoreline. There are a lot of orca whales in the Puget Sound which is sort of where we’re near. Orca whales also have a long history in the Pacific Northwest, dating back to the ...

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