What To Do Over Winter Break: How To Kill Three Weeks

Winter break is almost upon us, and no matter how insurmountable that final paper may seem, one way or another, classes will end, and grades will go out, and you’ll need something to while away the hours.

1. Books

You’ve got all this time on your hands, why not take the time to dive into some literature? Whether it’s some massive tome in the vein of “War and Peace,” or a vast series like the “Wheel of Time.” You can even take a look back at an old favorite, like “Harry Potter” or the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” six- book trilogy. Heck, just cuz NaNoWriMo is over, doesn’t mean you can’t spend your time writing a novel anyway. Can’t find anyone telling the kind of stories you want to read? Write it yourself. That’s what Tolkien did, and look where he is now. Well, okay, now he’s dead, but you get the idea.

2. Snow Sports

Snowboarding and skiing are great ways to burn some calories in the winter months, and Seattle is nestled between an array of great mountains just ripe for zooming down. If you’re not up for black diamonds and break- neck speeds, try playing squash (a sport much like tennis but played indoors and not in the cold) or join a gym. Or think about joining a gym, then eat some cookies.

3. Holiday Cookies

Calories don’t count during the holiday season, according to unlicensed nutritionists from the Ebbtide, so what better time to get your chocolate chip fix than now? Gather your friends round a toasty oven and watch your cookie creations rise into being! And because cookie cutters can be expensive, you can create your own designs with leftover soda cans and aluminum pans. Or, if you want to wing it, just cut out images with a butter knife and toothpick. You can even challenge your friends to a variety of designing and eating contests find out who the real cookie monster is.

4. Hobbies

All the learning is over (for now), it’s time for us to find ourselves a new hobby. Learn how to bake cakes or fluffy pastries for your friends and family members and don’t forget to make some for yourself. Take on a new musical instrument or knit a big, cozy sweater because it’s gets really cold in the winter. Go on a hiking trip because there are a lot of hiking spots all over Washington. Spend winter break doing all the things you always wanted to do but never get the chance to.

5. Blanket Forts

Stock up on all your holiday favorites and stash ‘em all up in a corner you can call your own. Build your very own hideout in the warm comfort of home. That stay-cation’s not going to waste away with the hours you can spend snuggled around teddy bears and Christmas lights, sipping a cup of tea, with hours of your childhood classics — or whatever floats your boat. Scented candles are an amazing way to cozy-up too, just make sure not to catch any of those blankets on fire.

PS: You can incorporate a bunch of the suggestions above too! (Except snow sports, unless you’re living in a mansion with fake snow.)

By Staff