The Tide Ebbs: Staffers Move On


Martin Musialczyk – The road to an associates degree was paved by award-winning photography and a column that would make any foodie happy. Martin Musialczyk, the Ebbtide’s photographer, leaves SCC this year with a degree in graphic design. From here, he is gunning to work at a graphic design firm, or possibly complete a further two years of education at UW or Washington Technical Institute.

With a bachelors of science degree in dietetics from Michigan State University, Musialczyk hasn’t always been part of the graphic design world. He worked several years as a professional chef and found his new passion unexpectedly.

“I had broken my elbow, and I ended up just messing around with Photoshop and whatever instead of what was on TV. … After a while I got pretty good with it and my wife saw the stuff I was making and pushed me to go back to college for it, so here I am,” he said.

For the Ebbtide, writers and readers, and for anyone at SCC, his parting words are simple: “Take it slow, and recognize just how cool it is you get to do this because it’s gonna go fast. Before you know it, all the sudden … it’s the last issue and you’re out.”

Ilona Kinnear – What do business management, classic four-panel-comics and the UW have in common? The answer is Ilona Kinnear, ad manager for the Ebbtide. Kinnear will complete her two years at SCC soon with an associates in business finance. Having been with the Ebbtide for those two years, Kinnear hopes to continue her newspaper work at UW’s paper, The Daily, and looks to enter the Foster School of Business on UW’s Seattle campus.

Kinnear’s interest in the newspaper has been with her since high school, when she considered submitting her own writing to her school’s paper. Once at SCC, she saw the opportunity of the Ebbtide and joined the team. She has loved it every moment since.

“It’s the late nights during production, the community we have together, how close everyone is to one another … that’s really the best part,” she said.

Adelia Sindunata – Adelia Sindunata is one of the veteran 2-year members of the Ebbtide heading out the door, as she prepares to graduate with an associates in communication. Interested in journalism as a passion as well as a job, Sindunata aspires to work with magazine printing and social media. For now, she is waiting to hear back from her college applications and looking to work over the summer.

“Enjoy your time at the Ebbtide,” was Sindunata’s advice to future Ebbtiders. “I know it feels isolated, but in the office you’ll experience lots. … If you’re new, just put out ideas. No one’s going to bite you.”

For SCC, she’s no less heartfelt.

“I’ll definitely miss (SCC). If I could, I’d take the classes I didn’t have time (for), I’d try to do more. SCC was life changing,” she said.

Madeline Kimberly – Though so many members of the Ebbtide are graduating, Madeline “Mandy” Kimberly is leaving her position as arts and entertainment editor to continue her service to SCC as next year’s ASG policy and procedure officer. But Kimberly does has plans for her future beyond SCC: she hopes to transfer to UC-Berkeley and obtain a degree in industrial engineering, and eventually apply her communication and social skills to work in the social development field.

“The Ebbtide is really like my United States family,” Kimberly said. “It really let me adapt to SCC. I can’t think about SCC and not imagine being part of the Ebbtide — they’re the same thing for me. It’s been so worth it to see you see your work get published, see people read your work and see the people you’re working for affected.”

Coral Nafziger – Coral Nafziger has steered the graphic design and layout for the Ebbtide since the start of this year, after photographer Musialczyk suggested she join the team. While members of the Ebbtide staff are usually gifted instructional letters from their predecessors, Nafziger found herself without instructions and ended up carving a style of her own as she learned on the job. Nafziger graduates this year with an associates in visual communications technology.

Previously an art teacher, Nafziger said her time at SCC was “definitely for a career change.” “Graphic design is something that combines two things I’m good at: using design as a way to communicate, and being able to communicate ideas and teach others,” she said.

For those who will remain at the Ebbtide, Nafziger only has words of encouragement: “I can only think of things to say to push them all to succeed. Keep on rocking, everyone.”

-Charlie Easton
Photo by Charlie Easton