Post-Election Courses at SCC : Winter Quarter Classes on Social Justice, Politics and Environment

By Coral Nafziger

If your head is reeling with questions after this election, these courses might have some answers. All courses listed are for five credits. Some classes have a prerequisite or recommendation of EAP 099/ENGL 099 or ENGL 101.

Critical Intercultural Communication (CMST 285)
Instructor Elena Esquibel says she approaches communication studies through a critical cultural lens. This course looks at intercultural communication nationally and internationally, analyzing positions of power and privilege.*

Intro to Environmental Science (ENVS& 101)
This course covers basic concepts of ecology and effects humans have on the environment.

Gender, Race and Class (GWS 284)

Three sections of this hybrid class are offered this winter quarter. Students learn about differences in treatment by social institutions based on gender, race, class and sexual orientation.*

Gender, Violence and Social Change (GSW 285/CAST 285 – dual listed)
“Sexual assault is clearly an issue we need to talk more about … this (election) just feels like we stepped backwards,” course instructor Rachel David said. Issues covered include child abuse, rape, domestic violence and sexual harassment.

The Origins of Western Wealth and Power (IDS 100)
This course gives background on political and economic systems that developed in Europe and have greatly impacted the rest of the world.

Intro to Multicultural Studies (MCS 105)
Eleven sections of this course are offered this winter quarter, either online or as a hybrid course. Students study race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, disability and culture, both historically and personally.*

Intro to Political Science (POLS& 101)
Students in this course are introduced to the political movements, ideologies and regimes that have had lasting impact on the world.

Intro to Political Theory (POLS& 201)
This course delves into political ideologies, particularly liberalism, conservatism and democratic socialism.

Intro to American Government and Politics (POLS& 202)

In this course, students study how conflicts in American society are addressed in politics.

International Relations (POLS& 203)

In this class, students look at several global issues and discuss methods by which global problems can be solved.

*Can fulfill multicultural understanding general education requirement.