In the Midst of Winter

By Jerry Choi and Martin Musialczyk

The air has suddenly become crisp and temperatures have dropped to the low 30s. The sun is setting sooner, and snow comes and goes. It seems that Seattle has some polar air from the north, but in the midst of dark days, SCC students still shine through with their own taste in fashion. Bundle up; yet show yourself from head to toe.

Ferandi Yennas

This dark, ashy/charcoal gray coat from Banana Republic is supported by a knitted white sweater with strands of black, and a midnight black scarf with a hint of white strands, both from Forever 21. The overall outfit just comes together so well, giving the stylish “winter-look-in-the-city feeling.” A classic, semi-formal look, yet with the purpose of a casual everyday wear. The true colors of Seattle winter are balanced in this one outfit, not too dark and not too bright. This is the outfit to stay warm through the winter this year, still having style without the North Faces, which seem to be the ultimate “Seattleite” jacket all year-round.

Katelyn Jones

Sometimes simple is better. This overall black and white mix-match is the perfect example of classic simplicity. A black and white striped, double-breasted blazer jacket from Value Village, matched with black pants and black heels show that fashion doesn’t necessarily need to be costly. A statement jacket always shows the personality of the person and focuses the spotlight on the person. This look brings confidence and a twist on the ordinary winter wear with a formal, yet costume-like feeling.

Erika Berg

As winter starts to wind down slowly and hints of spring appear, a balance of “loose winter wear” is exactly how Berg wears it. If you thought Tommy Bahama — a Seattle-based manufacturer — only sold summer clothes, think again, because this fuzzy, checkered robe coat is the must-have for either the sunny or breezy winter. Matching with a cowl neck sweater underneath can be used to show a scarf-like feature of the outfit. Portraying energy and confidence, it’s the essential element to one’s overall fashion. Quick fact for all the ladies: the robe coat is an often-worn piece by editors and models.

Marcia Twa

Giving a new vibe and a pre-spring look, the all-black outfit makes the open-front cardigan from Old Navy stand out as a statement piece. Including a subtle orange color gives this piece some shine. If you spend all morning trying to match your outfit, try this style of basics on the inside and one piece with color to shine the spotlight on. This outfit can start now or a little bit later for the spring weather.