Good Grades and Self Care: Staying Healthy During Finals

Exam week is approaching real soon, which means soon you will be exhausted mentally and physically.

While usually we have time to watch Netflix or go shopping, this week we have to sacrifice that time to study damn hard. Three months worth of lessons have to be squeezed into our brain, which can cause a lot of stress, not only to our minds, but also our bodies because when we’re too tired, we’re prone to sickness.

I recently got food poisoning for two days and it caused me to abandon my final research paper the whole weekend. My schedule definitely got screwed up because I had to push back everything and, unfortunately, some things didn’t make it in by the deadline. It’s not even finals week yet — imagine if it was the real finals week. I would be dead inside.

Yes, people, you definitely have to study hard, but your body needs to be taken care of. While it seems impossible to maintain your health while forcing your brain to work to its maximum, there are ways to stay healthy during exam week.

Eat healthier

You might have a hard time saying goodbye to your favorite bag of chips, but try real hard to replace it with healthier options like fruit. Fruit is a good source of vitamins. Try oranges — they could supply your body with vitamin C, which is good for your immune system. Besides that, oranges taste good! 😀

Along with snacks, try to eat healthier on your regular meals. Avoid eating junk food and replace it with healthier food like veggies. Veggies definitely win when it comes to providing the nutrients needed by your body!

2. Work, work, workout!

Some people try to find any excuse not to hit the gym, especially during busy final week. But if you spare some time to exercise, your body will thank you. According to, exercise helps to slow down stress hormones and reduces your chance of catching a cold. You don’t need to do hardcore workout routines — just 20 minutes of walking daily will also help.

3. Try your best to get enough sleep

If you’re a night person like me, you’ll understand how hard it is to fall asleep at night and get enough sleep. But yes, eight hours of sleep is really important.

Try to manage your time wisely and not procrastinate. Put away your mobile devices when it’s time to sleep. And if it’s really necessary, you could even use sleeping aids to help stay asleep.

4. Stay hydrated

I swear this is the hardest part because I admit I drink coffee a bit too much and I barely drink water. Don’t be like me — drink water, peeps. If you feel like water tastes boring, try infused water! It tastes good, gives you the hydration you need and supplies you with vitamins as well.

P.S.: I’m trying my best to drink enough water. Together we can!

Good luck with your exams, my fellas, but don’t jeopardize your health just because you want to get good grades. Don’t forget to take care of your body, too. 🙂

-Adelia Sindunata