Cupid’s Calling


Are you still struggling with what to prepare for your significant other on Valentine’s Day? Or you might still be thinking, “Do I have to celebrate V-Day?” The answer is YES! This is the chance for you to show your beloved how special and meaningful they are to you. Just in case you don’t even know when it is, V-Day is on Feb. 14 — two weeks left! But chill. If you still have no idea how to spend your V-Day this year, here are some last-minute tips you can use to prepare ahead of time.

Take Them Out

Hands holding hands, steps following steps. Perhaps most of the time you were just hanging out with each other at the college or at your house being drenched by schoolwork. Now is the time to put down all the paper and free your hands for your partner, because you are going to hold their hand.

Winter Ball on Campus

“Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms.” That’s right, a winter dance for all SCC students to join — it’s free, plus there’s no need for going far away to downtown Seattle to search for a fancy venue. This is an annual event held by the Chinese Culture Club.

This year, the Winter Ball’s theme is “Chinese Valentine’s Day” and it will be held from 6-9 p.m. on Feb. 16 in the PUB’s Main Dining Room. Self-serve Chinese food will be provided.

The Ball will start with a DJ and American-style dancing, followed by games designed by the Adventure Builder Club, as well as a musical performance. This is the time to dress up a bit with your partner and dance with your perfect one to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Lake Walks at Sunset

Nature lovers might prefer to take a walk outdoors. Nothing would be more romantic than having a beach or lake walk at sunset, walking along the coastline and seeing the sun drowning in the endless lake. Seattle’s sunset on Feb. 14 will be at 5:31 p.m.

Green Lake Park might be the best choice for SCC students. You can get there by taking the 5 bus or E-Line from campus.

Once there, you can rent a double pedal boat for $22 an hour and spend a magical 60 minutes with your partner in the middle of the lake. If you want to take a walk and enjoy the magnificent sky scene with them, you may want to arrive two hours ahead and have an outdoor picnic.

Treat Their Tummy

Have you ever heard that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” It’s true for ladies too — who doesn’t love food? This is the time you can sit down with them, eat the delicious cuisine you prepared and have a close conversation just between you two.

Cook for Them – Candle Night at Home

If you are confident with your cooking, try to cook a dinner for them. Maple salmon, scallops carbonara fettuccine and medium-rare steak, or maybe just a simple meal, they will love how you shine in the kitchen even though you might just be messing around.

You could make them their favourite dishes and bake some Valentine’s style goodies, like red velvet cupcakes or molten lava cakes. Don’t worry about the ingredients even if you have never made them before. You can look for recipes or search for the best dishes in the Valentine’s Day category on allrecipes.

Don’t forget to prepare some candles and red wine too (if you are 21 or above!).

Reserve a Table Right Now!

Feeling too lazy to cook at home after you get off work? No worries. You can still reserve a table right now to surprise your significant other. Think of any restaurant they have been looking at for a long time, maybe it’s a fancy eatery that they haven’t been willing to spend money on. Now is the time to take them there and treat them with a delicious meal.

Reserving a table on V-Day is not something that can be done last minute (it’s tough actually!), so try calling the restaurant’s number to see if they accept reservations. Or find a table on opentable and you can reserve a table right through the website.

The main point of dining out is not about how high class the restaurant is, it’s about sharing food with your significant other. Even if they like burgers, why not?

Make Something Commemorative

Write A Love Letter

It might sound old-school, but sometimes we have to admit that Shakespeare did a great job in romance literature by writing his love letters. And of course, who wouldn’t love a letter from their partner, writing about the true feelings they have for each you?

In the letter, you can recall some of the most memorable moments you have had with them. It could be about your first date, your first prom or even the one time you had a silly argument with them because of some little nonsense — anything that was meaningful to you. You may also include how you fell in love with them, what makes you feel complete with them or what you truly admire about them.

By revealing your feelings about them from the day you started dating, your relationship could be bonded tighter because you can show them how affectionate you are in this relationship, and they will also feel more confident about their connection with you.

Send Them On A Scavenger Hunt

Perhaps you have already prepared something for your significant other, yet you want to try something more interesting than just giving it to them directly. Why don’t you just design a trail for them and let them find their V-Day gifts by following your clues?

Remember the music video for “One Less Lonely Girl” by Justin Bieber? JB wrote on a paper asking the girl to find him, and then he assigned some strangers to help him out with the treasure hunt.

Of course, in reality, no stranger would be that nice to wait at the coffee shop and look for the girl for you, but you can use your friends or their friends. It could also be set at your house or at a place memorable to both of you. You could also send your clues through text messages and guide them to you (but for this, you have to make sure they know how to use Google Maps if you’re sending them outdoors).

Those are some tips you can prepare to surprise your loved one, and it’s not necessarily just for V-Day; every day can be Valentine’s Day.

For those who are single (oops!), this is your Single’s Awareness Day. But why don’t you also give these tips a try with your crush or someone who is meaningful to you? I am sure they will love it — even if it’s your bestie or your grandma!

By Frances Hui,
Staff Writter