A Breakdown of SCC’s Clulbs

By Cendri Johnson

Shoreline Community College currently has over fifty active clubs, but many go unrecognized by the student body in general. The following are groupings of clubs, and listed below each description are the email addresses for the adviser of each club in the order the clubs were listed in.

African Student Club, Alliance of Latin American Students, Black Student Union, First Nations Club, Indonesian Student Community, International Club, Hong Kong Student Association, and the Vietnamese Student Association are all clubs that support certain minority ethnic or racial groups in our society. While these clubs are geared towards the people of their respective categories, they do not discriminate in membership- anyone is welcome to join.

Aside from the previous grouping of clubs, there are also several clubs focusing not so much on a certain demographic of people, but more on examining and practicing certain cultures themselves, such as the Japanese Culture Club, Chinese Culture Club, and the International Club.

Another category is that of the health professions. The SCC Association of Nursing Students (SCCANS), the Dental Hygiene Club and the Pre-Medical Health Sciences Club are all geared towards helping out students in Shoreline’s rigorous health programs of study.

Feminists United, Project PRIDE, and the Disability Awareness Society are all clubs that focus on protecting the members of other disenfranchised groups of our society as well as bringing light to issues involving these groups.

Clubs based on religious preferences include the Christian Open Door Fellowship, Christian Student Association and the Muslim Student Association.

Clubs focused on artistic expression of varying sorts include Anime and Comic Club, Art Club, Clay Club, F/Stop Photography Club, Film Club, Hip Hop Club, Just Dance Club, Psycho Music Club, and Ukulele Club SCC.

Clubs that focus on physical exercise/activities include SCC Hiking Club, SCC Swimming Club, Yoga and Meditation Club, Acroyoga Club and SCC Cheerleading.

Clubs dealing specifically with math, science, or honors disciplines include the Engineering and Technology Society, Math Club, SCC Economics Research Group (SCCERG), Shoreline Scholars Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and the VCT Club.

Clubs dealing with other specific groups of people include V.E.T.S. Club, Mental Health Awareness Society, and CEO Community Club.

Clubs simply fitting into their own category of “miscellaneous” include Adventure Builders Club, ASHRAE- Shoreline Community College Student Chapter, Board Game Club, HEROES Club, Millionaire Club, Public Speaking Leadership Club, Shoreline’s Field of Justice, and the Worldly Philosophers and Dismal Scientists’ Society (WP&DSS).

List of Club Advisers’ email addresses

– Adventure Builders Club: [email protected]

– Acroyoga Club: [email protected]

– African Student Club: [email protected]

– Alliance of Latin American Students: [email protected]

– Anime and Comic Club: [email protected]

– Art Club: [email protected]

– ASHRAE – SCC Chapter : [email protected]

– Board Game Club: [email protected]

– Black Student Union: [email protected]

– CEO Community Club: [email protected]

– Chinese Culture Club: [email protected]

– Christian Open Door Fellowship: [email protected]

– Christian Student Association: [email protected]

– Clay Club: [email protected]

– Dental Hygiene Club: [email protected]

– Disability Awareness Society: [email protected]

– Engineering and Technology Society:

– Feminists United: [email protected]

– Film Club: [email protected]

– First Nations Club: [email protected]

– F/Stop Photography Club: [email protected]

– HEROES Club: [email protected]

– Hip Hop Club: [email protected]

– Hongkong Student Association: [email protected]

– Indonesian Student Community: [email protected]

– International Club: [email protected]

– Japanese Culture Club: [email protected]

– Just Dance Club: [email protected]

– Math Club: [email protected]

– Mental Health Awareness Society: [email protected]

– Millionaire Club: [email protected]

– Phi Theta Kappa: [email protected]

– Pre-Medical Health Sciences Club: [email protected]

– Project Pride: [email protected]

– Psycho Music Club: [email protected]

– Public Speaking Leadership Club: [email protected]

– SCC Association of Nursing Students : [email protected]

– SCC Cheerleading: [email protected]

– SCC Economics Research Group: [email protected]

– SCC Hiking Club: [email protected]

– SCC Swimming Club: [email protected]

– Shoreline’s Field of Justice: [email protected]

– Shoreline Scholars Club: [email protected]

– Ukulele Club: [email protected]

– VCT Club: [email protected]

– V.E.T.S Club: [email protected]

– Vietnamese Student Association: [email protected]

– Worldly Philosophers and Dismal Scientists’ Society: [email protected]ine.edu

– Yoga and Meditation Club: [email protected]