They’re Creepy, They’re Kooky… Our Favorite Dark Family Comes to SCC

Halloween fright begins its reign over SCC with a cult-classic.

SCC’s campus theater kickstarted October with a musical comedy, “The Addams Family,” based off of American cartoonist Charles Addams’ morbid characters. From Oct. 6-8 and Oct. 13-15, students, friends and macabre enthusiasts were welcomed to the college’s first fall theater production.

In “The Addams Family,” the peculiar Addams family is thrown into the “normal,” yet (for them) completely new situation of young love, as the family’s elder child, the perpetually unhappy Wednesday Addams declares her love for a normal young man her age, Lucas Beineke from Ohio. The contrast between the repugnant, death-obsessed Addams clan put up against trousers, an untrusting marriage and a secret creates a hilarious, frustrating situation.

The musical did not remain separated from its modern audience, and included a decent amount of political and social commentary.

Several key themes of the musical revolved around honesty in marriage between long-term couples and how a single secret can shatter trust. Wednesday’s parents Gomez and Morticia Addams’ struggle with learning about their grim daughter bringing a male friend to their home is not only terrifying, but it also leads the couple to have to question their little girl’s motives and relationship to Beineke.
Another core theme of the musical was the current political reality. A vast majority of the underlying tones rung in liberal ears, while poking fun at the current U.S. president and commentary on Ohio’s position as a swing state.

There were also common social misunderstandings and situations present, specifically dealing with Alice Beineke’s effort to hide her true feelings towards her distant husband, Mal, and Wednesday’s brother Pugsley’s discontent at losing his older sister to true love. The Addams share both unconventional and conventional values such as family, trust and a willingness to commit crazy acts of love for one another.
The musical was broken into two acts, with many strong company and solo numbers.
In the background, the Addams ancestors were key vocalists while their living members took center stage.

Conductor David Close led the orchestra below, creating a jazzy upbeat tune that also held an unearthly undertone — a contrast between the upbeat Beinekes and ghastly Addams.
Many students came with bouquets and rewards in hand to see those on stage. On Oct. 14, the 7:30 p.m. performance successfully sold out just one night before the final production.

Sophomore Natasha Vederoff and her friend, Sienna Votry, thought that the show “was a perfect combo of creepy, goofy and cute. Definitely the perfect show to get into the Halloween season!”

“The Addams Family” production was led by an experienced SCC theater team. Their production was a fusion of classic creeper themes and general family hardship, particularly about letting teenagers be teenagers and growing up, and with a show like this, audience members are sure to never forget the values of an Addams.


Azia Lualhati