The Ebbtide on Spotify: Spring 2021 Staff Picks

Ebbtide Staff

Spring is in the air, and so is music.

Last quarter, we crafted a hand-picked soundtrack for Winter 2021. This time, we’re back with a playlist that features a mix of nostalgic favorites and recent discoveries that fill our staff with memories of Spring.

Read along as you listen to hear our writers’ personal insight on some of their frequently-played tunes.

Emma Dortsch, Copy Editor

“This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads (1983)

I discovered “This Must Be the Place” during my first spring quarter at SCC, and it immediately became a favorite. The song as a whole is super catchy, but it’s the way its lyrics are paired with the music that makes it for me: The melodies and David Byrne’s unguarded singing seem to communicate something left unspoken by vague wording.

“Painting by Chagall” by The Weepies (2006)

I absolutely love how dreamy this song sounds, how comforting the lyrics are, and how effortless Deb Talan’s vocals seem — as if she really is painting with her voice. A bonus: This song lends itself well to looking out the window during road trips and pretending you’re in a music video.

“Good Vibrations” by Brian Wilson (2004)

The Beach Boys’ original song is a masterpiece, and this version from Brian Wilson’s “SMiLE” album somehow makes it sound even better — plus, I love the new verses that Wilson added. Ultimately, this song never fails to give me good vibrations…

Nova Clark, Editor-in-Chief

“Baby Come Back” by Player (1977)

This song practically beckons summer. It’s the ultimate theme for relaxing in the sun with a cold drink. The laid-back vocals and immaculate harmonies achieve a wistful vibe that perfectly compliments the lyrics’ poignant subject matter.

“Going Back to My Roots” by Odyssey (1981)

I firmly believe that some of history’s best disco tracks hardly ever make it to the mainstream conscience, and “Going Back to My Roots” is no exception. Every time I listen to this song, I get an overwhelming urge to perform it on stage right along with the rest of the band — coordinated dance moves and all.

“Ten Percent” by Double Exposure (1976)

Walking the line between disco and funk, this energetic number is guaranteed to put you in a good mood for its entire seven minutes and seven seconds. And that bass line!

Larissa Odabai, Marketing Manager

“Be Mine” by Ofenbach (2016)

Many great memories have been made while listening to this song.

“Le Temps Est Bon” by Isabelle Pierre (Bon Entendeur Remix) (2017)

This song somehow transports me into the 1920’s. Suddenly, I’m sitting in my car with the sunroof open, wearing a red polka dot dress and white cat eye glasses.

“No Worries” by Ehrling (2016)

This includes one of my favorite parts of “The Lion King” — and rides the spring train heading toward summer.

Eve Westmoreland, Staff Writer

“Espuma y Arrecife” by Vicente Garcia (2016)

This song is perfect as the warmer months approach. It reminds me of spending entire summer days at the beach.

“Reptilia” by The Strokes (2003)

When I hear this song, it reminds me of being a kid playing Guitar Hero with my older brother. It’s currently my go-to running track. It never fails to not only bring back good memories, but also rev me up!

“Un Verano en Nueva York” by El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico (1975)

The last couple years I’ve had a newfound interest in salsa — specifically from the ’70s. If this song doesn’t make you want to dance, then you’re from another planet.

Estlin Coates, Staff Writer

“Summer” by Modest Mouse (1997)

This song reminds me of the start of summer — before it’s too hot to be enjoyable and you’re sunburned. To me, it matches up with the possibility of a more normal summer and I like that.

“Silly Girl” by The Descendents (1985)

This is another fun summer song to me. It’s a little fast, and the lyrics are cute.

“Kamikaze” by Mø (2015)

The background instruments and noises are really fun-sounding to me and they go together in a way that I like a lot, because in some sections of the song they sound like instruments but kind of tweaked. I don’t know how they were made or what instruments were used, but I like how they go together.

Erin Krogh, Visuals Editor

“Before the World Was Big” by Girlpool (2015)

I heard this song as an overlay for an Instagram video for the first time a few weeks ago. At the start of the song I *hated* it, but by the end I loved it. Now I just love the song overall and listen to it all the time.

“I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw (2003)

My friend and I listened to this the other day in the car, kind of as a joke/throwback tune. But now I listen to it like once a day, not as a joke. When we can all go back to bars again, this will be my karaoke song.

“Celebrity Skin” by Hole (1998)

I recently started listening to a podcast about Courtney Love and realized I did not know much about her band, Hole. “Celebrity Skin” is their most well known hit on my rotation, but their entire “Live Through This” is amazing.

Leuel Bekele, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“I Never Was a Cowboy” by Tom Browne (1979)

I like the title, and the song lives up to it.

“I Got The…” by Labi Siffre (1975)

Classic — it’s been sampled multiple times by the likes of Jay Z, Eminem and Miguel.

“Risin’ to the Top” by Keni Burke (1982)

I just started listening to Keni, and this is one of my favorites of his.

Kirk Meyers, News Editor

”Medicine” by Gus Dapperton (2020)

We all need medicine sometimes.

“The Bottom” by Michelle (2018)

This song became somewhat of an anthem for me last year, as I felt it embodied a sense of drowning — or at least my interpretation of it does. As such, it provided an escape from many of last year’s events to revel in.

“What Once Was” by Her’s (2017)

Being cooped up all day long this past year really does make one miss the good ol’ days, and that’s what this song is about: reminiscing about the past amidst a struggle.

Yita Rivera, Online Editor

“Under the Bridge” by The Red Hot Chile Peppers (1992)

This is my all-time favorite band.

“Peaches” by The Presidents of the United States of America (1996)

I dedicated this song to a tree the kids planted when they were growing up. It was a really popular song and always came on the radio.

“Leave the Door Open” by Anderson Paak, Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic (2021)

When I heard this and saw it on TV, it reminded me of Motown singers. I like their style.