Student Leaders Recieve the Royal Treatment at Awards Ceremony


Inside the dining room of the student union building, cheers and laughter could be heard from floors away and banquet tables of free food lined the left wall of the room. Tables were peppered with a mix of students, staff and family. No table was empty. Thursday evening, students, staff and family celebrated the achievements of student leaders at Shoreline. Student clubs danced, sang and filled the room with Jazz during the event.

Cathay Nawany-Dunlap danced a traditional dance from her home country of Uganda. Nawany-Dunlap wore a stunning outfit made from animal skin and red, blue, yellow, black and white beads. As she danced, she added white and tan clay pots on her head one by one, each time receiving cheers and applause from the audience.

After the award ceremony, attendees gathered for a reception to continue the celebration of student leaders. Near the dining room, students smiled, laughed and took pictures with each other and their awards under white, gold and pink balloons.