Spindrift: Calling for Artists

SCC’s art and literary journal is accepting submissions to be published

Sok Kong, Staff Writer

Since there have been many definitions of art which have been defined differently by people from generation to generation. The definition of art is hard to explain, but there is also no accurate definition of the role of the artist in society. The role of the artist can’t be contained in the straitjacket of formal definition.

Thus, if you are an individual who has a passion for creating imaginative art, then this moment will be an opportunity to showcase your abilities. Spindrift, SCC’s award winning, student-run art and literary journal, is currently calling for artists to hand in their creative artwork.

All works submitted before Feb. 28 will be in the 2023 edition. Any student can email their art submissions to [email protected]. For submission guidelines, students can click here.

CREDIT: Spindrift