Movie Reviews

By Nick McCann

In honor of our transfer issue, I took to the couch to research what university life is really like. Here follows my findings.

Animal House
A quintessential classic that should be seen by all. Hijinks ensue as we follow the partiers of the lowly Delta Tau Chi house. Their goal is to have as much fun without letting the dean get in the way. Every scene in this film brings total comedy gold, from toga parties to food fights and even horse-based pranks. All the actors do a hilarious job, with John Belushi’s alcohol-fueled Bluto character leading the pack. Backed by a great soundtrack, “Animal House” becomes a very infectious movie that remains arguably the funniest film ever made.

Van Wilder
Another appealing comedy for the modern student. Here we get a memorable performance from God’s perfect idiot, Ryan Reynolds, as the campus all-star Van Wilder. If you need a class skipped, homework aced or just want to have fun, Wilder is the man to call. Reynolds provides both humor and charm and carries the film effortlessly. The colorful characters and witty dialogue feel as though they could have been plucked right out of real life. It’s “Animal House” for a modern audience and it’s uproarious.

Night of the Creeps
What’s worse than dealing with overbearing college dorm heads? Undead college dorm heads! This ‘80s horror comedy revolves around a group of nerdy college freshmen who have to save the campus from alien slugs that infect anyone they come across. This film does a great job in providing the right amount of laughs and suspense. It also plays up the 1950s B-movie angle to an enjoyable degree with funny characters, gross out special effects and witty humor. An entertaining watch, best experienced with friends and popcorn.

22 Jump Street

For a little dose of action, this “21 Jump Street” sequel starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill comes highly recommended. The pair get an upgrade from the first film as they track down the source of a new drug making its way around a college campus. Building on what made the “21 Jump Street” reboot excellent, this film is mostly the same experience only with a fresh supply of jokes and action. Tatum and Hill play off each other as brilliantly as ever and Ice Cube delivers with a hugely funny performance as the angry police captain. The humor also carries over into the action sequences, making it all a perfect blend to have you laughing at the top of your lungs.