Measure Your Pleasure


Do you think you’re good in bed? Think you’re the best they’ve ever had? Soon enough you’ll be able to finally get somewhat of an accurate read on your sexual performance in real time.

A “fitbit” ring-shaped object known as the “i.Con” is currently in the works by a small English company, British Condoms. The i.Con could be a major hit or miss, depending on who actually wants a reusable accessory, and who actually cares and isn’t afraid to know the answer to those questions.

British Condoms, a website dedicated to the “discreet delivery” of contraceptives, which the i.Con isn’t, all over the UK, features the still-developing penis ring. The British Condoms i.Con webpage currently estimates the ring to be available for $80.99 once it’s released. Since i.Con is not available quite yet, users can register their email on the page to get updates on i.Con’s launch.

The Inside Details

The i.Con, according to the website, is said to be “the future of wearable technology.”

To clarify: a penis ring is not a condom. The i.Con will “sit over a condom at the base” and can be used multiple times. It’s a one-size-fits-all, gentlemen, so don’t worry about that.

In fact, the manufacturer says the i.Con will be made to adjust to everyone’s “girth,” or circumference, because the material is made to stretch and fits every size.

This bad boy is equipped with a “nano-chip and sensor(s),” which will measure in real time what’s going on. The i.Con will be connected to a smartphone app that anyone can download. The app connects to Bluetooth, which in turn connects to the ring.

Another factor to not worry about: the app has the option to be completely anonymous. Users “will have the option” to broadcast their sexual findings with family, friends or even the entire world. Plus, if you’re feeling competitive or curious, users can “anonymously compare” their stats with i.Con users internationally.

According to the British Condoms website, here are only a few variables measured when you’re getting down and dirty: “Calories burnt during sexual intercourse, speed of thrusts, girth measurement and average skin temperature.” Although these may not be questions you’re thinking of in the heat of the moment with your partner, with the i.Con, you’ll most likely never need to ask them since it’ll be recorded for you.

Since the i.Con is tech, it will need charging. Just like yourself.

There’s no fancy hooplah needed in order to charge the i.Con — you just need a handy dandy USB port. Computers, laptops and iPhone boxes are perfect ways to charge your ring. British Condoms estimates that it may take up to one hour to charge completely.

The third thing to not worry about is lasting. I mean sure, you may worry about how long you last, but you don’t have to when it comes to the i.Con. After only an hour’s charge, users will supposedly have “6-8 hours worth of ‘live’ usage.”

Is it Worth it?

Smartphones have been used for sharing sexually explicit details ever since “send nudes” became a thing. Now, instead of unsolicited dick pics or full-frontal boob shots, smartphone users will be able to measure all the aspects of their sexual performance and even legally share it with others.

There are some cons to the i.Con, despite its seemingly perfect nature and understandable creation.

One question to ask is if the price is right. Nearly $90 for an item that isn’t a contraceptive, but just holds it in place, may not seem attractive for everyone. According to an article by ABC News, the “average cost for a 12-pack (of condoms) is 10.99.” With $90, an individual could purchase about $87.92 worth of 12-pack condoms and have some change to buy themselves something nice, like a cheap Bible for their unholy souls or a water bottle to quench the post-sex thirst.

On the topic of cost, is the material made for everyone? Although i.Con advertises a one-size-fits-all campaign and superb technological promises, the ring may not be suitable for all skin types.

From the photos on British Condoms website, it seems that the i.Con may be a rubber-based ring but the actual materials are not stated. It may not be latex, but without knowing what’s actually in the ring, users don’t know ahead of time if the ring is harmful healthwise.

Finally, does it increase self-esteem? The i.Con isn’t a grading system of sexual performance, but it’s like a diary for the male genitalia. The website does state that users can “reset” or “erase” their data from one session and have a clean slate for the next round.

However, since the website doesn’t sport pictures of anyone wearing the ring or results from test subjects, if there have been any, there aren’t solid experiences to rely on. A user could utilize the ring, check their results and still be disappointed. By knowing their “true” performance, does that mean users will feel more confident? The i.Con app will be featuring a sharing option, so if users are confident, they can share their statistics with wearers worldwide.

Considering its hefty price and the fact that it’s not a contraceptive, but a device that holds condoms in place, the i.Con could be not as popular as the manufacturer hopes it to be once it’s released.

On the other hand, the i.Con seems to be a fun way of recording sexual activity. Individuals who are curious enough to try out the ring with their partner could be in for a surprise.

British Condoms has not set a date for release for its newest invention, but encourages curious users to check out and search through all the interesting sex toys and items for the bedroom.

Consent is key, everyone, and so are contraceptives.