Improvable and Highly Sketchy

By Madeline Kimberly

Get ready for a night filled with laughter and hilarious sketches in the Improvable and Highly Sketchy theater event coming soon to campus.

After the craziness of 2016, many on campus definitely need the laughter this coming winter quarter.

Improvable and Highly Sketchy is an alternative to the regular “theatre format.”

The decision to go with this play was decided when the directors started pitching in ideas and ended up going with the comedy stream.

Debra Pralle, a faculty member, is one of the directors of this out of the box play.

“Rather than staging a traditional play, students will be part of a creative team of comedy writers, actors, and improvisors who will be working hand in hand with professional writers and performers to develop their writing and performance techniques,” Pralle explained.

There have been too many thoughts expressed through violence this year, but this play will provide people with a better opportunity to express themselves in a “creative and safe environment.”

The point of this play is to create a night full of laughter, sketches, characters and improvisation games that were developed by the team.

Pralle got to work with Clayton Weller. Weller was in charge of Pocket Theatre in the College Sketchfest last year. He’s very enthusiastic in helping students with their passion.

Pralle urges everyone to participate; there’s a spot for writers, actors, improvisers, tech people and so much more. In her words: “The audition is open to everyone.”

Plus, there isn’t any required proficiency, just do it if you want to! The only things you have to be willing to do are “work hard, take risks, and collaborate.”

The main thing Pralle is looking for is “a tightly knit group of people from different backgrounds, experiences and interests who are willing to take huge risks, work hard and collaborate.”

It doesn’t hurt to try — attend the audition and it might turn out to be the outlet you never knew you needed. So sign up for the audition before it’s too late!

To sign up, head to SCC’s website and go to “Theatre” for the link to the audition.
The audition will be held on Dec. 5 and 6, the callbacks will be on Dec. 9.
For further information, contact Debra Pralle at [email protected] or go visit her at 4110.