‘Illumination’ Lights Up SCC: Shining a spotlight on the power of art


Nova Clark

“It’s about abilities, not disabilities.”

These are the words that viewers will see posted amongst the works in SCC’s latest art installation. The gallery, entitled “Illumination,” celebrates artists who live with various disabilities.

A positive message indeed — as these artists do not appear limited, but quite the opposite, as their art seems to jump out with flying colors. The following is a sample of the talent that can be witnessed around the room.

Stop by the lobby of the 1000 Building for the full experience, and check the A&E Calendar for more details surrounding the gallery and related events.

Photos: Nova Clark / The Ebbtide

With its evening hues and distant clouds, this coastal photograph wishes the summer “goodbye.” Artist: Forrest Sargent

These divided abstract works exhibit a sense of being so close, yet so far. Artist: Matthew James

Black designs against tones of blue and green give this shapely scene plenty of crafty character. Artist: Kate Johnston