I Tube, YouTube, Let’s Tube Together: Underappreciated YouTubers You Should Watch

If you are like me, you procrastinate everything and jump onto Youtube every morning when you get up or every afternoon when you get home, and you try to justify it by saying you’ll just watch, like, one or two videos and you end up spending the entire day mindlessly viewing all sorts of dumb crap… Wait, what was I doing again?

Oh right, well, not all Youtube channels are equally well-known. Some have millions of subscribers while others have less than a thousand.

In this article I am going to highlight four “educational” Youtubers who I believe deserve more than their current 100,000 (or fewer) subscribers.

The Dom

The Dom is a hilarious reviewer who writes, films and edits all his videos all by himself. His mainstay on YouTube is his “Lost in Adaptation” series, where he analyzes the differences between movies and the books they were based off of. He also does one-off reviews and has an alter-ego named Terrance, who he brought out for when he tackled the “Harry Potter” series.

His videos have gained a level of professionalism as of late that is deserving of more than his recent 50,000 subscriber milestone, so I highly recommend watching him — whenever you have free time, that is…

Overly Sarcastic Productions

This Youtube pair has hand-drawn videos where they talk about a variety of topics. She has a series called “Trope Talk” in which she talks about common storytelling tropes; “Miscellaneous Myths” where she talks about ancient myths; and other series about modern classics and “Shakespeare Summarized,” where she summarizes these kinds of things…

What I like most about this channel is the amazing art style that goes behind many of their videos and the sarcastic, quick-talking voice that narrates the whole thing. The humor makes it definitely worth checking them out.

Terrible Writing Advice

While “Overly Sarcastic Productions” had great artwork that accompanied their videos, this channel’s completely awful, photoshopped brick characters give it a cynical vibe that completely matches its satire.

This channel likes to take on common storytelling tropes while trying to convey how to do it “right” (and by “right” I mean horribly, horribly wrong).

But despite what I said about the artwork, it adds to the hilarity of the content and the channel. So you should watch it if you need some terrible writing advice.

The Canipa Effect

If you’re into anime like me, then I would recommend this channel because it is great for getting you to see the studios and creators behind the animation in the series “Animator Spotlight” and “Studio Spotlight.” He also does anime reviews and discussions, and if you don’t have time, he also has one minute reviews so you get the gist of it very quickly.

The openings to his more recent videos are really coolly animated and they hype you up to watch the rest of the video.
There’s a high level of professionalism behind his videos, despite only having 48,000 subscribers.

-Ilona Kinnear