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Starry-Eyed and Travel-Bugged: Study Abroad Is For Everyone

You don’t have the money. You don’t speak the language. You don’t know where to start. As per usual, the solution to your problems was sitting at the PUB’s help desk, where Cory Anthony, SCC’s international programs manager, and Bjorn Myhre, the director of international recruitment at Green River College, set up a booth overflowing…


Getting Down with the Delegates – My Time with the Model UN

Have you ever imagined you could be selected as a delegate from your country and sent to a United Nations conference to solve any global issue? No? Neither had I, nor had anyone from the SCC Public Speaking Leadership Club. The Public Speaking Leadership Club made their first appearance in the Northwest Model United Nations…

Active Shooter Prevention: SCC’s Plan in Place

Could SCC be doing more to prepare for a mass shooting? No matter how prepared we are, a shooting could still happen, so what are we doing for prevention? Mass shootings are often linked to domestic violence (or DV) incidents, and those incidents have happened to the SCC community. One such incident occurred in 2002…

Firearm Policies: To Protect or Perpetuate? – Gun Laws in Two States

On Oct. 1, 58 people were shot and killed. Over 546 others were injured. Today, the conversation on gun control continues. Stephen Paddock perpetrated America’s worst mass shooting with a legally purchased AR-15 semi- automatic rifle. From his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Paddock fired upon civilians….

Not Just a Tax Cut – How the Reform Bill Could Affect You

‘Tis the season for everyone’s favorite topic – taxes! Yes, it is a bit early, but given our elected officials are hard at work this holiday season dealing with good ol’ fashioned tax reform, we felt it necessary that you, dear students, were informed of proposed changes that could affect you. Currently, there are two…

The New Age of Education: Tech Add-Ons Enhance Learning

Struggling with classes? SCC has tools to make studying easier for students with learning disabilities — and everyone else, too. Some of the technology is available to all students, although students with disabilities have priority because the quantity is limited. These resources are provided under the Office of Special Services, located in FOSS, Room 5226….

Arts & Entertainment Calendar – Vol 53 Issue 5, Dec. 1, 2017

Brighton Beach Memoirs (on campus) 7:30-9:30 p.m., Dec. 1, 2, 8, 9; 3-4 p.m., Dec. 10 Shoreline Campus Theater SCC’s theater department will be presenting the first of Neil Simon’s Eugene Jerome series, “Brighton Beach Memoirs.” Simon’s comedic, semi-autobiographical coming-of-age production explores his persona, Eugene Jerome, during the Great Depression. Ticket information is available on…


SCC’s Got Talent – SCC’s Students Perform at the Annual Show

SCC’s stage welcomed a popping set of performers who strummed strings, expressed lyrical souls and vocalized both popular and homemade music. Four-man bands and solo serenaders showcased their creative energy in the 2017 SCC Student Talent Show on Nov. 16. An array of activities and treats were open for several hours for fun-seeking students. The…


A Stroll Through the Wood – Seattle Transplant Weaves Natural With Industrial

There’s a new gallery in town, featuring wildly colored, abstract woodblock prints. Artist Alex Boeschenstein “Fields of Irisarri” holds 14 solo, non-reproducible woodblock pieces available for students and faculty to view in the Administration Building. Boeschenstein was originally from Cleveland, Ohio before becoming a Seattleite. According to Boeschenstein’s website, his artistic style weaves digital and…

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