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Taking the Initiative

HOW WILL YOU VOTE ON LOCAL ISSUES? In Washington state, voters have the opportunity to affect our policies on greenhouse gases, firearm safety protections and law enforcement standards on deadly force through a series of initiatives. There is a huge amount of money pouring into these campaigns, leading to a lot of advertising aimed to…

Don’t Struggle to Save

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF STUDENT EXCLUSIVE DEALS Going to college isn’t cheap. The nightmare of financial forms and late-night studying is something all too familiar. However, a number of economic benefits come with being a student. Everyone loves a good bargain, so might as well make the most out of that student ID. Keep in mind…


Food for Fright

LOCAL LEGENDS AND HALLOWED HAUNTINGS Welcome to the spookiest time of year. With the leaves turning and the weather negating most non-heated types of outdoor fun, the Ebbtide wanted to open up a box of graham crackers and grab our pointed sticks. We invite you to come sit with us around the campfire. It’s ghost…

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